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New show on Tak Tent Radio! Peter Liversidge – Current Dog Walking Companioni; The Moon Reflected In Your Eye / Music by Mary Lattimore, Sun Ra, Nathan Salsburg and more

And more radio shows…The Institute of Spectra-Sonic Sound 8.14.21 / With: Aaron Dilloway & Lucrecia Dalt, CM von Hausswolff & Chandra Shukla, Jelena Glazova + Phantom Circuit #335 + The Rodent Hour Ep. 221 – New Music / Local Gigs

Coming  to Warwick (not the one in Rhode Island, the British one) – All Around Record Store / hundreds of records of all tastes & budgets + some reading

Over at Music Industry Blog > Spotify and music listening 10 years from now

Over at Shiny Grey Monotone > Mama Tick – Action City / two more punishers for your consideration

Over at AMN > Reviews: Jones, Skolnick, Grohowski, Motzer – PAKT (2021; Moonjune Records); Jones, Skolnick, Grohowski, Motzer – PAKT Live in Pawling (2021; Moonjune Records)

Over at Head-Banger Reviews > Bornwithhair – When the Witches Fall

Over at Louder Than War > Sonic Youth & The Pastels / Play the New York Dolls / SY and The Pastels have both previously staked their support to the New York Dolls fan mast / Glass Modern Records have now announced that they are to bring these two fantastic versions together in a limited edition split 7” single, complete with Annabel Wright cover art (h/t Chickfactor)

Over at Culturedarm > Tracks of the Week 14.08.21

August electronic music mixtape by Binarysweets

Out now on The Jewel Garden > Hold Onto Love by hyacinth. /  album of hazy dream pop inflected beats

Out now on aquietroom > Flood Relief compilation / A cornucopia of alternative delights (h/t Ade Hodges)

Out tomorrow on Sour Orange > Earthtron by Gateless Gate

Out next week on EMA Records > En el fin del mundo, hasta el fin del mundo compilation  / featuring Fennesz, Pan American (Mark K Nelson), Oren Ambarchi, Abul Mogard, Pita (Peter Rehberg), Greg Fox, Ben Vida + a number of Chilean artists (h/t Jordan Reyes)

Coming soon via Static Caravan Records > new single from Polyhymns / Beautiful artwork by Mat Fleming

Coming soon via Moot Tapes > Entropy by Claire Guerin & Eamon Ivri / Consider pre-ordering this because its good – Incentive

£50 bundle from Cult of Dom Keller! Supersonic Wolf Tees!

From 2017…Redefining Russian Techno (via Joe Muggs / Bandcamp Daily)

Marc Ribot Makes the Case for Loud Music via Literary Hub (h/t Man from Atlantis)

Two new releases from Rusted Tone dropping at the end of August! / see also

Coming soon via Past Inside the Present > Vanaprastha by Alex Smalley (h/t Tyresta)

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