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Featured image: Wolf Spirit by Dez DeCarlo (Violet Nox)
We collected together videos from the free show that happened last night at Jeanie Johnston Pub in Jamaica Plain! Self-described night of amazing experimental, electronic, drone, psych sonic sounds featured Violet Nox, Sound Shaman, Main Fader and Death Shepherd and visuals were provided by Chris Konopka.
All videos were taken by Totem Faehy (aka Sound Shaman) – his other projects include OFTHESUN, Fractilian, voidgod, This is Life and Tunnel Visions. He also runs Dronezone, an ongoing series of events featuring ambient/experimental musician from Boston.
Few words on artists that were featured in the show
Violet Nox

Violet Nox is a Boston-based experimental noise band combining elements of
electronica, post-punk and psychedelia to create an abstract yet mellifluous tapestry of
tension & release.  

Limited edition CD-R of Nebula, the band’s latest, is available via Reverb Worship label (RW 382).
Further Reading: 50Thirdand3rd | Record Crates United | Cyberinsekt
Also featured in December 2016 Mixtape by 3hive


Sound Shaman

A sound storm of voidnoise and textural crunch, inside dimensional oceans of deep pulsing.


Main Fader

cybernetic dungeon electro sample worship



Death Shepherd

In the past we’ve heard some serious rhythmic noise from DEATH SHEPHERD. Electronic dance music elements have hovered around them, industrial sounds, and plenty of sonic squelch have just about rounded out their often writhing mixture. They’ve recently dispatched their first publicly released recordings in quite some time, and the sounds involved have been given the name SLOW MOE AND THE DEAD SHEMP. Alternate reality THREE STOOGES fantasy, OR IS IT?
Boston Hassle


On a Different Note:


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