Compilations from July 2020: Pt. 3
Compilations from July 2020: Pt. 3

Compilations from July 2020: Pt. 3

Talking about compilations that came out in July – again! See part 1 here and part 2 here.


Sauna Suit Compilation #1 (Sauna Suit Recordings)

COMP #1 IS OUT!! we’ve divided it into three colors to make listening a bit easier

so much talent within this comp. give it a listen. consider buying! thank u to all the artists ♨️🎵




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Music For A Confinement: Memories Of A Quarantine (Music For A Confinement)

The day that was recommended the lockdown of my fellow citizens due to the global pandemic, I thought it would last longer than expected, so I decided to try to create some creative project online. The next day, when the recommendation became a decreed obligation, I activated the project ‘Music For A Confinement’ on my Twitter account (

The project consisted of receiving and sharing download codes for the Bandcamp platform through my account. I did not know if my proposal would be successful. In the end, the campaign spread as much as the confinement itself. 100 days of the campaign and thousands of codes for 431 different albums sent by artists from different countries from four of the five continents.

Seeing how the project was progressing, I thought I could create a second phase, a second project, based on the first: creating a compilation with unreleased tracks by some of the artists involved during the campaign.

Human Worth Vol. II (Human Worth)

“Lives saved my music. Literally” – Harmless UK

After the success of HUMAN WORTH Vol. I charity compilation we’re thrilled to introduce our next instalment! HUMAN WORTH Vol. II brings together another twenty uncompromising artists from the Human Worth network with all proceeds this time going to Harmless – A fantastic UK charity who support mental health awareness and suicide prevention.

The compilation features an array of new tracks and exciting exclusives from the likes of AJA, Sly & The Family Drone, Bismuth, Vile Creature, Klämp, Mummise Guns, Shuck, Modern Technology, Eurosuite, OZO, Ballpeen and a whole load of incredible music.

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King of Pentacles (Dream Museum Records)

VAPORSLEEP Compilation
including 猫 シ Corp, ゆPlateformeゆ, Vylter, and many more!

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Compilado 002 (Antimateria Sonora)

Antimateria Sonora is a music label based in Mexico City. As a label, we explore the relationship between ambient, drone, experimental and sound design- bringing them together and creating a new family of soundscapes. This anti-platform unveils experimental tracks from artsits and friends. The project seeks to create immersive experiences, where sound and visuals function as a bridge between the viewer and the piece, creating a feeling of “here and now”.

Our second release Compilation 002, was conceived in times of quarantine and isolation, we collaborated with artists from different parts of the world: Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, France, Vancouver, Montreal, New York and Mexico. We believe that each track releases and reflects the current condition of each person, artist or individual in their own solitude, creating a deep connection through contemplative music.

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situationchicago (situationchicago)

old pal @TreyElder10 put together this great compilation of chicago artists benefitting chicago venues…chicagomusics is the best

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Winters Cannot Fade (GoldFlakePaint)

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