Clocca Loxodonta story – as told by Jess Cron (FEASTofFETUS)
Clocca Loxodonta story – as told by Jess Cron (FEASTofFETUS)

Clocca Loxodonta story – as told by Jess Cron (FEASTofFETUS)

The folks at I HEART NOISE recently asked FoF to submit a track to their Gone in 60 Seconds compilation, which is a collection of songs and experiments from over 30 different recording artists with all of their tracks clocking in under 1 minute. I was given the option to either submit an existing track, or write something new. The only tracks from Meconium that were under a minute were the instrumental segues and I didn’t really feel like they were able to embody enough of the feeling of FoF, so I opted to write something totally new and cram as much FoF flavor into 60 seconds as I could. The result was: “Clocca Loxodonta”.
I wanted to write something dealing with time given the nature of the time restrictions on this particular compilation. I came across a really interesting wiki article about a medieval islamic invention called the Elephant Clock and became instantly fascinated with it. I then reinterpreted an Elephant Clock to be actually a metaphor for time itself. Time is the ever trampling elephant that we, as mortals, are being crushed beneath the weight of. Our bones and cartilage deteriorating, our muscles weakening, our flesh wrinkling and sagging, and our brains losing hold over functionality as we make the descent toward old age.  I also spent some time thinking about how our emotions are affected by time and that ever-so-cliche saying: “time heals all wounds” and I immediately wanted to give that a good smack in the fucking face. Obviously it’s a nice pleasant thought, but try saying that to the person who has been letting time be their healer, while simultaneously 10 more new emotional gashes are being opened up by that same healer.
In the end, I guess what this track is really saying is that our suffering in life is unavoidable thanks to the repercussions of time, but during this time we do have the ability to make choices, and choosing a path that works for each of us is probably the most rewarding thing we can do with our lives.
Anyway, I’m quite pleased with how the song turned out and it has inspired me to write some more elephant themed material. At some point I might just have enough for a little concept EP. In the meantime, I hope you like the track and you can download the entire Gone in 60 Seconds digital compilation here.


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