Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – FEASTofFETUS
Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – FEASTofFETUS

Gone In 60 Seconds – A-Z – FEASTofFETUS

FEASTofFETUS is not a band, it is the aural art project of Jess Gabriell Cron. All songs are written, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered and produced in Jess’s home bedroom studio in Los Angeles, CA.
FEASTofFETUS first breathed life after an immaculately conceived birth which occurred in the spring of the year two thousand six, during the recording of a borrowed, piece of shit, nylon string, made in China, classical guitar. The textural sound that was captured in the recordings of the buzzing frets, and the dull slap of the dropped-C# tuned plastic strings provoked a curiosity and desire to find suitable accompaniments to such an instrument. The most obvious solution came in the form of a similarly low quality, toy accordian with wooden spokes in place of the missing keys. Together, these two underrated marvels of musical mishap, produced a unique sound that leant itself to extensive experimentation in eclecticism. That experimentation provides the scoliosis afflicted backbone that is FEASTofFETUS.
FEASTofFETUS’ sound has been described as “what it would sound like if Lewis Carroll made music” (Sum from thegoodlook.net), “like strolling through a haunted Moroccan street fair” and “like a demented ‘Gangs of New York’ band” (Sean March, guitarist/vocalist of Dream Band).

Get their track: Clocca Loxodonta (note – this track is exclusive to this compilation)
Get the entire compilation: Bandcamp
FoF is a bizarre, but wonderful creation of Los Angeles musician Jess Cron. To get the idea of his work, imagine Lewis Carroll collaborating with Mr. Bungle or Sun City Girls and you’re halfway there.
In FoF’s universe, skeletons sit right next to demon lanterns and the house of rabbits is always open for curious visitors. Then there’s supervillain and Mr. Scoliosis – hanging out in another part of the same universe.
In other words – its a dark, but inviting place and one should visit it at least on some occasions, especially if he/she is into aforementioned bands.
Meconium CD (Grotesque Records, 2009)
Blood Pheasant CD (Grotesque Records, 2010)
Тунгу́ска (Tunguska) EP CD (Grotesque Records, TBD)
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