Bandcamp Saturday // Ezra Brooks (II)
Bandcamp Saturday // Ezra Brooks (II)

Bandcamp Saturday // Ezra Brooks (II)

Ezra Brooks

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Just because Bandcamp Friday is over, doesn’t mean that music need to stop, right? Here are some BC picks courtesy of Ezra Brooks.

The following thread has links to some albums I’m really excited about right now. Check it out! There’s a little something for everyone.

Big Pal – Too Empty Cooler vol. 1 + 2 (Dead Definition)

Leah Callahan – Simple Folk

Levi Douthit – Lucky Pennies (Citrus City)

Michael & Peter Formanek – Dyads (Out of Your Head Records)

Moderator – Midnight Madness (Melting Records)

Patrician Brennan – Maquishti (Valley of Search)

Phantom Handshakes – No More Summer Songs (Z Tapes)

Rose City Band – Earth Trip

Sarah Louise – Earth Bow

Silver Synthetic – s/t

Yasmin Williams – Urban Driftwood

And a huge “thank you” goes out to Ezra for including our most recent compilation at the end of his thread!


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