Band Profile – Fudge Tunnel
Band Profile – Fudge Tunnel

Band Profile – Fudge Tunnel

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Nottingham, UK based Fudge Tunnel were formed in 1989 by then 18-year named Alex Newport, along with Dave Riley and Adrian Parkin. While they never achieved any commercial success, they are still seen by many as a British equivalent of grunge bands from Seattle (even though the band itself was annoyed by such comparisons and tried to distance themselves from grunge and alternative rock movements as much as possible).
Their debut was 1989 EP “Sex Mammoth”, which was named Single Of The Week by New Musical Express. Six months later they released another EP called “Sweet Sounds Of Excess”, which led to a tour with Godflesh. Their first full-length, 1991 “Hate Songs In E Minor” (Earache) caused a lot of controversy due to its original cover, which was eventually replaced with a live concert shot.
Third EP called “Teeth” preceded another full-length – 1993 “Creep Diets”. Annoyed by constant comparisons with Seattle bands, Newport started a project called Nailbomb together with Max Cavalera, lead singer of Brazilian band Sepultura.
1994 “A Complicated Futility Of Ignorance” became their last album – while they never formally disbanded, little was heard from them since –  1995 compilation called “In A Word” collected some of their rare material, while In 1996 they contributed tracks to AC/DC and Wire tribute albums.
Band Members:
Adrian Parkin (Tubesurfer)
Alex Newport (Nailbomb, Son of Crackpipe, Theory Of Ruin)
David Riley
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Sex Mammoth 7″ (Pigboy, 1989)
The Sweet Sound Of Excess 12″ (Pigboy, 1990)
Hate Songs In E Minor CD / LP + 7″ / Cass (Earache, 1991 / Relativity, 1991)
Creep Diets CD / LP (Earache, 1992 / Columbia, 1993)
Fudgecake CD (Pigboy, 1992)
Teeth EP 12″ / CD / Cass (Earache, 1992 / Relativity, 1992)
10% CD (Columbia, 1993)
Grey CD (Columbia, 1993)
In A Word CD (Earache, 1994)
The Complicated Futility Of Ignorance CD / LP / Cass (Earache, 1994)
The Joy Of Irony 7″ (Earache, 1994)
Compilation Tracks:
Sunshine Of Your Love” on Ouch (Relativity, 1991)
Changes” on Masters Of Misery (Toy’s Factory, 1992 / Earache, 1997)
S.R.T.” + “Spanish Fly” on Naive (Earache, 1992)
Like Jeff” on Spreading The Virus (Sentrax, 1992)
Grey” on Dining Hall Classics (Epic, 1993)
The Joy Of Irony” + “Sex Mammoth” on Corporate Rock Wars (Earache, 1995)
Lowdown” on Whore (WMO, 1996)
Hate Song” on Metal: A Headbanger’s Companion (Earache, 2007)

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