Band Profile – Silverfish
Band Profile – Silverfish

Band Profile – Silverfish


If they were from New York, we’d be mad for them of course. (John Peel)
A few seconds of any Silverfish song could wrench the most cast-iron gut, leaving a mess of entrails in its wake. (Trouser Press)

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Probably best-known for having Lesley Rankine (Ruby) as a lead singer, UK based Silverfish were a ferocious band both on stage and on record. Musically, they couldn’t have been further removed from Ruby, a project that Lesley Rankine started after the band dissolution in 1993 – Silverfish were a multi-racial group of pranksters/musical terrorists inspired by the themes of revenge, sexism and feminism, taking cues from the likes of Butthole Surfers (albeit, with a feminist twist).
Bassist Chris P. and drummer Stuart were originally in a band called Rover Girls and together with guitarist Fuzz (In-Stinks) and Lesley Rankine, whom they met after she was kicked out of Terminal Cheesecake show for starting a fight, they started the band in the late 80s.
Their debut was a self-titled EP which came out on a local label Wiija Records (also a home to aforementioned Terminal Cheesecake) in 1989 and was followed by Cockeye LP – their first record released in States via Touch and Go label.
1990 Fat Axl was recorded by Steve Albini (Pixies, Nirvana, Breeders) and featured a twisted cover of Mellie Mel’s “White Lines”. Much of their further material came out on Creation Records 1991 “Fucking Driving Or What” EP, “Silverfish With Scrambled Eggs” EP, “Organ Fan” CD (produced by Jim Thirlwell/Foetus) and the band last record – 1993 “Damn Fine” EP (also produced by Foetus).
By the end of 1993, Rankine quit the band and started Ruby along with Mark Walk – an electronic project inspired by the likes of Portishead, which also led to a transformation of her image from a sexless tomboy to a chanteuse/diva.
Band members:
Andrew Duprey (Fuzz)
Chris Powforth (Chris P)
Stuart Watson
Lesley Rankine (Pigface, Ruby)
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Cockeye LP / CD (Touch And Go, 1989)
Silverfish EP 12″ (Wiija, 1989)
TFA EP 12″ (Wiija, 1989)
Fat Axl LP / CD (Wiiija, 1990 / Touch And Go, 1990 / Southern, 1990)
Fuckin’ Drivin’ Or What EP 12″ / CD (Creation, 1991)
Silverfish With Scrambled Eggs EP 12″ / CD (Creation, 1991 / 1992)
Organ Fan CD (Creation, 1992 / Chaos + Columbia, 1992)
Organ Fan LP + 7″ (Creation, 1992)
Damn Fine EP 7″ / 12″ (Creation, 1993)

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