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We got two label mixes to share with you tonight! First one is from a Canadian label Arachnidiscs (whom we had a chance to interview as part of our Indie Label Roundtable series).

As befitting the month of the Valentine, February will see the second release from No Love, a new label that officially launched on NYE 2015, but which has a history that goes back further than some Toronto musicians have been alive. Jakob Rehlinger is re-starting the label as an accessible offshoot to Arachnidiscs Recordings, his CD and tape label that focuses on fringe and experimental music by local and international artists.
Accessible, of course, is in the ear of the beholder. “When I decided Arachnidiscs was definitely going to be an avant garde label, and adopted the motto ‘weird music for and by weirdos,’ I was getting submissions that were really good and by people in town from bands that I liked, but I’d say no because it didn’t fit the aesthetic.”
Arachnidiscs Recordings has operated since 1999 in Canada, beginning on Vancouver Island and traveling with Rehlinger to Toronto eight years ago, shortly before he first started to put out international releases. If you haven’t heard of the basement label, it could be because you don’t collect cassette cases that self-destroy upon opening, tapes packaged in fuzz or covered in twigs, or albums marketed as “post-rock soundtracks for a lost David Lynch film.”

Read the rest of the article on BlogTO.

RTR is a British label run by James Edward Armstrong (aka Slow Clinic), As label’s bio explains:

RTR is an independent, self-sustaining cassette-based record label specializing in ambient, drone, and experimental music, based in Farnham, UK.

Following a number of years within the ambient/drone/experimental music genre, both as a musician by the name of Slow Clinic (and one half of A Home For Ghosts) and as a dedicated listener, RTR was started in an effort to give back to the creative community that has fostered so many wonderful experiences.

Rusted Tone Recordings does not run for profit; any and all income from physical and digital sales goes straight towards releasing new music and developing higher quality products.

Mix they made for us celebrates RTR’s first year of activity!


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