Listen: Not for Sleep or Study – Playlist by Whettman Chelmets
Listen: Not for Sleep or Study – Playlist by Whettman Chelmets

Listen: Not for Sleep or Study – Playlist by Whettman Chelmets

Whettman Chelmets

Our contributor Whettman Chelmets recently put together a playlist of his own and we invite you to check it out! 40+ dark ambient, drone, noise, neoclassical and experimental pieces not suited for sleeping or studying (and who needs sleep anyway?).

While original playlist is Spotify only, we got a collection of links to Bandcamp/Youtube for all those that would prefer a choice of a platform. Dive in!


Whettman Chelmets – Steps to the Old Courthouse
Einstürzende Neubauten – Armenia
Crows Labyrinth – Gemini Sun
Cities Last Broadcast – Deadpost
K43DG3 – Deeper Into the Cave of Ghosts
Ugasanie – White Death
Crows Labyrinth – Heliograph
Gregory Bond – Singing Trees in the Wind
Collection of Dead Souls – A Calm Taste (Meditation)
Capac – Tsintskaro
Phurpa – Fundamental Mantra of Bon
Nurgul Jones – S u p e r Transgressive lords of Nu-Noise悲しい男
Joe Talia – Clouded Night Pt. 1
Matthew Whiteside ‎– Exhibition Music
Matthew Whiteside ‎– Piece for Violin and Bass Clarinet
Marginally Feral Ream – Wander and Wander
Whettman Chelmets – Seahorse
Toy Shoulders – Rattlesnake Simulation
Ben Lukas Boysen – The Behenian Gospel
Noisense – Wavescape I
Steve Hadfield – A Walk
Veins Full of Static – Is All
Biosphere – Ancient Campfire
Melodywhore – Want (Corruption)
The Coma Calling – Blessed Be
Lowering – New Racist Overlords
Farwarmth – The Great Attractor
Scott Neuffer – The Star-off Machine
This Silent Shell – Valentine
Moor Mother – By the Light
Uzbazur – Fog in the Streets
muesk – Death of a Dream
Rauelsson – Passage I & II
Almark – Dreams in a Bottle
Tristan Eckerson – Resa
Andrulian – The Wash of Waves Coming Closer
Mechanoflora – Hell’s Gate
t.r. hand – Apophenia Gaze
Paperbark – Lifescan
Sarah Schonert – Listen Soak Repeat
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Twilight Moving Meditation
Jamie Awakshidar – Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
Unorthodox Digital – Steel Mirrors
RedBlueBlackSilver – Mesa (Remix)
Cyparissus – Headstand in the Afterlife
C. Moody Crews – Castle Garden
Mute Branches – Nightspot Pigeon Toilet

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