Amphetamine Reptile Revisited – Crows
Amphetamine Reptile Revisited – Crows

Amphetamine Reptile Revisited – Crows

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The Secret Of John Bigley (Northwestern Noise)

Demise of Seattle band U-Men in the late 80s led to creation of a number of other bands, including Gas Huffer and Crows. With their twisted take on Beef-heartian blues and alternative rock, Crows (a trio of John Bigley, Charlie Ryan and Greg Stumph) were radically different not only from U-Men, but from the rest of Amphetamine Reptile roster, as well.
The band produced one seven-inch (a part of Amphetamine Reptile development & research series), one full-length and contributed two tracks (“Capital Hillbillies” and “Go Look In The Crisper”) to various compilations.
All Music Guide commented on their debut album – “Crows is the sound of a band that’s evidently listened to a whole lot of Birthday Party — even if the album is a little too slick and polished for this sound, the Crows find a few rather compelling constructions, and come out sounding not so bad at all.”
After the band’s dissolution, John Bigley opened a few restaurants in Seattle area, while Charlie Ryan played with Right On. Band members were also involved in Bottle Of Smoke, a supergroup of sorts, which also included members of Girl Trouble and Morlocks.
mp3: Capitol Hillbillies / Crow Bar

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