A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lowercase
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lowercase

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lowercase

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Trio of Imaad Wasif, Brian Girgus and Justin Halterlein, who was replaced with Tiber. Initially, they were based in Palm Desert, California, but relocated to San Francisco. They put out a number of singles albums for labels Kill Rock Stars, AmRep and Punk In My Vitamins, but apparently they’re no longer active, as their last album to date was 1999 “The Going-Away Present”.  Imaad Wasif was touring with Yeah Yeah Yeahs and released few solo records. Drummer Brian Girgus went on to play with Track Star.

Associated Bands – Folk Implosion, Alaska!, Track Star


Two Songs 7″ (1995)

Brass Tacks 7″ (1995)

Cadence 7″ (1995)

All Destructive Urges…Seem So Perfect (1996)

Kill The Lights (1997)

Imbedded In Ice 7″ (1998 )

Singles Club #1-4 7″ (1998 )

The Open Sea / Don’t Cry No Tears 7″ (Kill Rock Stars, 1998)

The Going-Away Present (1999)

Compilation Tracks:

My Shame Your Shame” on Poop Alley Tapes (WIN Records, 1995)

Ringbleeder” on AmRep Equipped (Amphetamine Reptile, 1997)

Surefire Solvent” on Multi-Vitamin Compilation (Punk In My Vitamins, 1998)


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