A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lubricated Goat
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lubricated Goat

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Lubricated Goat

Some of the crudest sounds from Australia’s belly were belched up by Lubricated Goat, a band which originally featured two former members of Salamander Jim. Since getting underway in early ’86, Goatees have slipped in and out and back in again, though the groans, gristle and guttural grunts of Stu Spasm (as well as the backdrop of bleating horns and discordant guitars) have held steady.

Trouser Press

The driving force behind the anarchistic Lubricated Goat was one Stu Spasm, a musician not known for subtlety and restraint. As a member of a group of like-minded musicians (Tex Perkins, Lachlan McLeod, Martin Bland and Peter Read), Stu Spasm conceived Lubricated Goat as a subversive take on all things complacent and facile in rock music circa 1986.
For the musicians involved, it was simply a chance to exist on the very edges of the Sydney rock scene, and to play out a sick joke for their own entertainment. John Foy at Red Eye Records liked the joke and formed the Black Eye label specifically as an outlet for the recorded works of this bunch of noise terrorists.
Cousin Creep

Austrlian band which was influenced by the likes of Birthday Party and Stooges. Throughout years, there were various incarnations of the band, with lead singer Stu Spasm (born Stuart Grey) being the only original member.  They split in 1990, because Spasm was stabbed in Berlin.  Later, he created short-lived Crunt with his then-wife Kat Bjelland (Babes In Toyland) and resurrected Lubricated Goat, once he divorced her.  The new band included an all-star line-up of members of Cop Shoot Cop, Railroad Jerk and Motherhead Bug – together they produced “Forces You Don’t Understand” in 1995.  2004 “The Great Old Ones” included new versions of old Crunt and Lubricated Goat songs and featured Jack Natz (Cop Shoot Cop, Red Expendables, Black Snakes) handling bass/vocal duties.

Associated Bands – Cop Shoot Cop, Red Expendables, Black Snakes, Singing Dog, Salamander Jim, Kryptonics, Mudhoney, Grong Grong, King Snake Roost, Space Juniors, Crunt, Bloodloss, Monkeywrench, Beasts Of Bourbon, Greenhouse Effect


Fun Facts

– They recieved popularity for playing naked on TV shows. A documentary called In The Raw (named after one of their songs) was dedicated to their nude appearance on Australian TV show called “Blah Blah Blah” and subsequent media frenzy that ensued.



Play The Devil’s Music (1987)

Paddock Of Love (1988)

Meating My Head / 20th Century Rake 7″ (1989)

Schadenfreude (1989)
Psychedelicatessen (1990)

Play Dead / Prayer For Blood 7″ (1992)

Shut Your Mind / In The Wrong Hands 7″ (1993)

Forces You Don’t Understand (1995)

The Great Old Ones (2004)


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Live At Picadilly Hotel – entire set that the band played in 1987. Courtesy of Black Eye Records Jukebox.


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