A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Cosmic Psychos
A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Cosmic Psychos

A-Z of Amphetamine Reptile – Cosmic Psychos

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Punk band from Melbourne, Australia, which was formed in 1982 and initially consisted of Ross Knight, Bill Walsh and Peter Jones, as well as a lead singer who was kicked out of the band before they were able to record anything.
Their first release was 1985 EP Down On The Farm which came out on Australian label Mr. Spaceman Records, followed by self-titled 1987 album. Later albums came out on a variety of labels including AmRep and Sub Pop in US and Shock Records and Survival in Australia.
Drummer Dean Miller replaced Robbie Walsh for 2006 “Off Ya Cruet!” album and it was also the first Cosmic Psycho studio record since 1997 “Oh, What A Lovely Pie”. Unfortunately, this year also marked a tragedy – longtime guitarist Robbie “Rocket” Watts passed away following a gig in Australia.
The band, however, decided to go on and John Onya (Onyas) was chosen as a guitarist for the band. Cosmic Psychos recorded “Dung Australia” at Birdland Studios and released it on June 9th, 2007, which was followed by European version of “Off Ya Cruet!” album, which came out on Pitshark Records.
Fun Facts
– British electronic band The Prodigy released a version of “Fuel My Fire” co written with L7 which was largely based on a Cosmic Psychos tune “Lost Cause”.
– the Cosmic Psychos are one of the defining bands of the yob rock genre, a movement that celebrates  Australian male lifestyle. Other bands include The Onyas, The Vee Bees and ThundaBox.
– In 1991, they recorded “Blokes That You Can Trust”, with production duties handled by then unknown Butch Vig, who just finished work on Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.
Band Members:
Bill Walsh
Peter Jones
Robbie Watts
Ross Knight
Down On The Farm 12″ (Mr. Spaceman, 1985)
Cosmic Psychos (1987)
Go To The Hack (1989)
Slave To The Crave (1990)
Blokes You Can Trust (1991)
Down On The Farm / Cosmic Psychos (reissue) (1991)
Back At School (1992)
Garbage Rock / You Get Nothing 7″ (1993)
Palomino Pizza (1993)
Neighbours (1994)
Self Totalled (1995)
She’s A Lost Cause / Crazy Woman (1996)
Unplugged (1996)
Oh, What A Lovely Pie (1997)
I Can’t Shake It / Some Girls 7″ (1998)
15 Years, A Million Beers (2001)
Off Ya Cruet! (2006)
Dung Australia (2007)
Compilation Tracks:
Custom Credit” on The Not So Lucky Country (Reactor, 1988)
Hard” on Dope, Guns And Fucking In The Streets Volumes 4-7 (Amphetamine Reptile, 1990)
Rip’N’Dig” on 10 Jahre Normal (Normal, 1992)
Dead Roo” on Dope, Guns And Fucking Up Your Video Deck Vol.2 (Amphetamine Reptile + Atavistic Video, 1992)
Shove” on From Out Of Nowhere (Survival, 1992)
There She Goes Again” on The Velvet Down Underground (Birdland + Shock, 1993)
Rain Gauge” on Dope, Guns And Destroying Your Video Deck Vol.3 (Amphetamine Reptile + Atavistic Video, 1994)
B.I.T. (Very Metal)” on Overdub Presents: The Psycho Factory (Overdub Fanzine, 1995)
Thank Your Mother For The Rabbits” on Triple J: This Is Twelve (Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 1995)
The Man Who Drank Too Much” on Vulgar Tongue (Shock, 1996)
Moll” on Rock Sound Vol.12 (Rock Sound Magazine, 1997)
Guns Away” on Homebake 98 (Shock, 1998)
Some Girls” on Runnin’ on Fumes! – The Gearhead Magazine Singles Compilation (Gearhead, 2000)
Lost Cause” on Tales From The Australian Underground – Singles 1976-1989 (Feel Presents + Festival Mushroom, 2003)





Dead Roo


Rain Gauge


She’s A Lost Cause


Whip Me


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