2020 in Review // Label Mix by Reckless Yes
2020 in Review // Label Mix by Reckless Yes

2020 in Review // Label Mix by Reckless Yes

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Reckless Yes is an independent record label working ethically and collaboratively with artists to make great things for our membership and other music fans.

We release internationally across all formats, and look for options which have the least negative impact on the environment. Our membership directly support our roster of artists through offsetting the costs of release, and in return get early access to all our releases plus a host of other benefits.


1. Liines – Sorry (7″ single, released 6 Nov 2020, RY059)
2. Eilis Frawley – Stats (taken from the CD and digital EP ‘Adult Life’ released 23 October 2020 RY070)
3. Duck – R*ck St*r (taken from the vinly LP ‘There Are No Normal Conversations Anymore, released 20 November 2020, RY063)
4. Captain Handsome – I wish I had a Dog (Taken from the CD EP ‘I Am Not An Animal’ released 31 January 2020, RY041)
5. Dactylion – Stutter (Digital single, released 24 January 2020, RY051)
6. Bugeye – When the Light Go Out (taken from the vinyl and CD LP ‘Ready, Steady, Bang’ released 19 June 2020, RY052)
7. GodNo! – Hulk (Taken from the CD EP ‘Too Much Future’ released 7 August 2020, RY050)
8. Grawl!x – Epicene (Taken from the digital album ‘Peeps’ released 14 February 2020, RY048)
9. Order of the Toad – Lady’s Mantle (Taken from the vinyl LP and CD ‘Re-Order of the Toad’, released 2 October 2020, RY061)
10. Hearts Beating In Time – Simone’s (Digital Single, released 30 October 2020, RY076)
11. Fightmilk – I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space (Digital Single, released 20 March, 2020, RY058)
12. Nervous Twitch – Keeping Faith In Something (Digital Single, released 9 October 2020, RY072)

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