2020 in Review // Favorite Compilations of Vogon Laundromat
2020 in Review // Favorite Compilations of Vogon Laundromat

2020 in Review // Favorite Compilations of Vogon Laundromat

Roundup of 2020 compilations from our frequent contributor – Adam aka Vogon Laundromat!

Read Adam’s reviews here and/or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

Camp Skin Graft

A compilation from everyone’s favorite noise rock label, it’s mine anyway. Originally released on CD in 97… Dazzling Killmen, US Maple, Melt Banana etc etc etc 100% QUALITY

Psych Against Cancer Vol 2Pt. 1 / Pt. 2

The Psych Lovers FB Group put together the first Psych Against Cancer comp last year and followed it up with two more last month, Vol 2 PT 1… 86 Tracks, Vol 2 PT 2 another 82 tracks. Everything from trippy Kosmische to psych noise bangers, just a tenner each with all proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support @macmillancancer

Tusk Virtual & Tusk Reality

Soundtrack from the acts who played the superb Tusk Virtual Festival last month. Jim O’Rourke, Blom, Duma, Horse Lords, Lump Hammer etc.. All proceeds go to Newcastle East Foodbank, Name You Price.

Avon Terror Corps – Avon Garde

Experimental label based in Bristol peeling back the layers of the underground with DIY electronics, improvised noise, trip hop etc Tags Cybergrind, Scuzzpop, Hardcore Ambient. There are still a couple of cassettes left… Proceeds to Caring In Bristol + Base And Roses two organizations who help people in danger of homelessness. Name Your Price.

Human Worth – Vol. 1 / Vol. 2

Two comps charting the noisier end of UK underground guitar rock… everything here from the glacial paced excessive volume of Bismuth, the bad trip of Mummise Guns, a Paranoid cover from USA Nails to the sonic onslaught of Bruxa Maria + tons of other good shit. Essential. Proceeds to Harmless, a mental health awareness and suicide prevention charity and The Bail Project. Name Your Price, or get it free when you buy a T @ £10


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