2020 in Review // Mix by superpolar Taips
2020 in Review // Mix by superpolar Taips

2020 in Review // Mix by superpolar Taips

Superpolar Taips Record Label Logo

We’re a tape and net label focusing on experimental pop music released on limited edition cassettes.

superpolar Taïps is DIY with love for music and not for profit.

International friendship has always been always will be a subject of utmost importance to us.  To wit – over the last 13 years of IHN’s activity we covered music from Ireland, Japan and Australia.

There’s still a lot to learn when it comes to Germany and its independent label/music scene. Strategic Tape Reserve and Trium Circulorum are two names that come to mind and now its time to add another – superpolar Taips!

Based in Cologne, the label’s trademark is cassette singles, many of which are featured in this here mix they made for us. Also featured within is material from the catalog of numerous other labels – Never Anything, STR and TC, to name a few.


The Master Musicians of Dyffryn Moor – Blessing of the Hand-Sanitizer (Cassette Single #2, superpolar Taïps)

Ball Geographie – Durch die Gegend (superpolar Taïps)

Peter C. Bruno – False Floor (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Toad Computers – DISCOVE~.BAT (No Problema Tapes)

bleed Air – Mars Yard (superpolar Taïps)

Nicholas Langley – Breakaway (Cassingle #8, superpolar Taïps)

Rupert Lally – The Shop (Spun out of Control)

German Army – The Form of Now (Cassingle #5, superpolar Taïps)

G.A.M.S. (Guido Möbius & Andi Stecher) – Flatter (Karl Records)

The Incidental Crack – We All Feel Happier Now (Reel to reel version) (Soundtracking The Void)

Tiger Village – Two Tubs (Tubes II) (superpolar Taïps)

Taw – Jecs (Bezirk)

Leaaves – Spun, Pt. II (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Peter Kris – Instructions to Living (Never Anything Records)

moduS ponY – Systemmetry (Cassingle #6, superpolar Taïps)

Melquiades – Sleep / Alter The Course (Canigou Records)

Harald Sack Ziegler – Ahornschraube (Cassingle #3. superpolar Taïps)

Whettman Chelmets – Changed My Mind (Cassingle #7, B-Side, superpolar Taïps)

Q///Q – Beth Elliott Remained (Strategic Tape Reserve)

The Tuesday Night Machines – Waikiki Midnight Cruise (Strategic Tape Reserve)

Phirnis – The Detox (Trium Circulorum)

Beachers – S.ensitive (Never Anything Records)

Mirror of Nature – Mr. Smoke (Muzan Editions)

Robin Barnick – SFM Part I (Excerpt) (superpolar Taïps)

Aros E-V – Mountain (Excerpt) (Canigou Records)

qualchan. – to fall in love at the end of the world (Cassingle #4, B-Side, superpolar Taïps)

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