2011 In Overview + News from Flaming Lips!
2011 In Overview + News from Flaming Lips!

2011 In Overview + News from Flaming Lips!

More news from Oklahoma psychedelic gurus Flaming Lips
According to this Billboard article, FL lead singer Wayne Coyne is currently preparing 2012 Record Store Day compilation, which will include the band’s collaborations with Death Cab For Cutie, Cloudland Canyon, Nick Cave, Lightning Bolt and many others.
On 2012 New Year’s Eve, the band is going to join Yoko Ono Plastic Band during New Year’s Freak Out No.5 in Oklahoma. Two bands also recorded a new version of Lips holiday song “Altas Eets Christmas”, which you can check out at Infinite Christmas Sounds website.
More recently, the band also released The Strobo Trip – an audio/visual toy which includes a a 6-hour song “Found a Star On the Ground”.
As if that wasn’t enough, Lips eventually upped the ante by releasing a 24-hour song called “7 Skies H3”, which you can stream here. The song came out on Halloween and 5 copies of it were recorded on hard drives and inserted in human, not gummy skulls, according to Huffington Post.
Finally, 2011 also saw the release of The Soft Bulletin Live La Fantastique De Institution 2011 set which includes gummy skull set as well as the live rendition of Lips 1999 album “Soft Bulletin” and a career-spanning compilation called “Every One You Know Some Day Will Die” + videos for “Race For The Prize” and “What Is The Light” which were¬†were mimed and recorded at the State University of New York in front of a student audience.
For more info on the band check out their official site.

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