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While there are no touring plans or any word on the new album from Lightning Bolt yet, the band is as active as ever…
Early 2011 saw the release of a collaborative EP between LB and Flaming Lips (via Lovely Sort Of Death / Warner Bros). Initially a limited edition vinyl only, it is now available for purchase via Flaming Lips store, plus you can see some of the videos for the songs off of an EP on Youtube.
Primordial Pus is the latest studio album from Black Pus, solo project of Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale. It is available via Load Records and you can check out mp3 for a track Hole In The Ground here.
In addition to being a drummer/vocalist, Brian is also a visual/comic book artist and his latest printed work is If-n-Oof, an 800-page book which chronicles “misadventures of the mismatched eponymous duo Chippendale’s very own Laurel and Hardy.” You can purchase it via Picturebox.
Megasus is a Providence RI band which includes Brian Gibson from LB as well as members of Loon, Amazing Royal Crowns and Laurels. Their latest release is a 5-inch vinyl Menace Of The Universe, available via Brutal Panda Records.
For more news on the band visit Laser Beast and/or LB’s MySpace page.

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