Write Up – Jenny Usovicz Interviews Mini Dresses
Write Up – Jenny Usovicz Interviews Mini Dresses

Write Up – Jenny Usovicz Interviews Mini Dresses


Only 13 hours left to purchase your tickets to Boston Hassle Fest 7 – a chance to see David Yow, Flipper, Obnox, Screaming Females, Dent, Pile and many other great bands and performers.
In the meantime, here’s an interview that Jenny Usovicz did with Somerville, MA (originally Austin, TX) trio Mini Dresses:

This week I met up with Somervillains Mini Dresses in Harvard Square to ask them a little bit about their sound, summer plans, and what they love about the Boston music scene. All three members Caufield, Luke, and Lira, were able to meet with me.
Boston Hassle: Who are your major musical influences?
Lira: I guess for me, Iʼve always been really influenced by major dream pop figures like Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star, with those really spare hushed vocals that do so much with melody.
Caufield: The Chills, The Clean, Sneaky Feelings… basically all those lo-fi jangle bands on Flying Nun. Also world music, especially Malian guitar and Indonesian gamelan. We collect a lot of international pop, too: lots of Spanish and French pop and international LPs and folk music. When I write guitar parts, I try and force myself to push beyond generic indie pop signatures and idioms.

Read the rest of Sarah’s interview on Boston Hassle website.
Mini Dresses are playing Brighton Music Hall on Friday, Nov. 6th along with The Channels, Cloud Becomes Your Hand, Battle Trance, Via App and many more!

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