Write Up – Dan Shea on Whip Appeal
Write Up – Dan Shea on Whip Appeal

Write Up – Dan Shea on Whip Appeal

Only 16 hours left to purchase your tickets to Boston Hassle Fest 7 – a chance to see Dreamcrusher, David Yow, Flipper, Obnox, Screaming Females, Dent, Pile and many other great bands and performers!
In the meantime, here’s Mr. Hassle himself Dan Shea reflecting on Jamaica Plain’s Whip Appeal:

Teetering at the brink of some kind of honest-to-gawd indie rock and very laid-back and mellow underground rap is WHIP APPEAL. A new band, they call JP home and are borne of the ashes of groups like THE FUCKTROTS and BUSHMASK. These guys could be considered a way-different vibe—yin to the yang—of KTB, another currently very wonderful and sick Boston band (I demand you listen to them). Whip Appeal remind me of many things and nothing. How strange. Cheap keyboards, great drumming, great guitar playing (and tone, I might add . . . reminding me of the guitar tone Spencer Seim used in THE ADVANTAGE), and a really infectious sing-song rap-vocal delivery. Might sound like a nightmare on paper, but it works. Very well. These guys are going to be well liked, I predict.

Read the entire review of Face In single on Boston Hassle website.
Whip Appeal are going to play the Hassle Fest 7 afterparty at the Out of the Blue Too Gallery in Cambridge on Nov. 5  along with PC Worship, Sitting Adult and Homeworld.


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