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Collection of new experimental/ambient/drone videos from all over the world! Junklight (UK), Taxxess (US), Forest Management (US), Ghost Signs (Ireland) and J Bagist/Property Materials (US) present their own visual feasts.
Forest Management – Untitled 1
FM is John Daniel from Chicago and Untitled 1 is a taster for upcoming Biqui tape on Philadephia, PA label No Rent Records. The video itself is a meditation on nature and the flow of things in it (namely, cats and rats) all depicted in a series of charcoal drawings.

Taxxess – Descend Into Sleep
An hour long meditation on…sleep? A haunting kind of sleep, admittedly – this one coming from Jim Moon, ex-keyboard player for Bloody Knives

Ghost Signs – These Nights Will Go On Forever
Based in Belfast, Ireland, GS is a project revolving around tape loops and guitar drones (the process of creation of those is captured in the video above). As GS mastermind Iain explains on his website

Cassettes are not used out of some misplaced nostalgia for glory days lost, but as a tool of freedom. Magnetic tape remains the last medium that we can edit with merely a blade and sticky tape. Technology should free the human spirit, not enslave it.
Bored of creating music in a computer, Ghost Signs was started as a way to bring something tangible to the creation process. Instead of virtual tweaking and endless post production, Ghost Signs is recorded live, one take, no overdubbing using two 4 track tape decks, guitars and a large array of effects.

Junklight – Miniatures
Junklight is Mark John Williamson (who also records as Cadestic) and “Miniatures” is a collection of short videos related to water and shot in/around Cumbria. As Mark explains

Having left the city behind by now the music is inspired by the landscape: moody, atmospheric and emotive. There is no ideology behind how the music is made: analog, digital, hardware, software, samples, modular synth, real instruments – it’s all grist to the mill. 

J Bagist – Untitled, February 2018
Moondrawn – He is a Sleepwalker
Last, but not least – two glitchy visual sets via Boston’s Property Materials label. Music is culled from J. Bagist / Moondrawn split scheduled for April 2018 release.
PM is co-run by J Bagist and in addition to producing tapes by the likes of Sun Rad, Kar’nam and Sound Shaman they’re also putting out Property Zines.

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