Watch: Ben Finger – Worried Sick of Echo
Watch: Ben Finger – Worried Sick of Echo

Watch: Ben Finger – Worried Sick of Echo

Benjamin Finger - Worried Sick of Echo video

Chances are, if names like Piano Magic, Hood or Flying Saucer Attack mean anything at all to you, you’ll probably find a lot to like about the work of Ben Finger. Ben’s music was clearly informed by post rock bands of the 90s, especially the more forward-thinking kind (as seen in the guest mix he compiled for us). Worried Sick of Echo (off of his upcoming LP Less One Knows) is no exception – bleak ambient/drone piece that owes equally to incidental soundtrack music and the work of aforementioned bands.

The accompanying video may be a bit harder to explain or make sense of. It feels like a low-budget take on horror movies and centers around a couple that is into wearing masks and wielding knives in front of each other. Its amusing too in a sense that the actual horror never occurs – murder mystery without the actual murder, if you will. Instead, in a series of endless flashbacks, the two end up chasing each other around or lying on the beach or doing something very random like grabbing a guitar.

The light tone of the video clashes a bit with the ominous music, but could it be that it was intended that way? Even if the plot wasn’t supposed to make much sense (a-la China Girl), the video still signifies something to me – this kind of music belongs in a movie. Just increase the budget, turn it into a full-scale arthouse production and I’ll be there to watch and listen to the soundtrack.

Less One Knows by Benjamin Finger is out on April 17 via Dead Definition


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