Videos from Homegrown Fest (courtesy of Liz Pelly / Pelly Twins)
Videos from Homegrown Fest (courtesy of Liz Pelly / Pelly Twins)

Videos from Homegrown Fest (courtesy of Liz Pelly / Pelly Twins)

Homegrown Festival is an annual underground music festival in Boston, Massachusetts, booked/managed by the 10-year-old DIY show booking group Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts. The festival’s second installment took place at Temple Sound & Stage from October 15-17.Temple Sound & Stage a.k.a. “The Temple” (b. May 2010) is a recording studio, art gallery, and show space. It is located on the third floor of a building filled with office suites, i.e. a dentist, holistic therapist, parenting magazine, Taekwondo studio, etc.
Homegrown II brought bands like Damon and Naomi, Jeff the Brotherhood, Ty Segall, BBQ, So Cow, and dozens more to the new DIY space in JP. Overall, the festival was great and I think has potential to grow into something that will draw even more bands and fans to Boston. This is great because there is a vibrant underground music community in Boston at the moment (for both local and touring bands) and more out-of-towners should come check it all out. + + + + +
This year’s opening night included spaced-out sets by Major Stars, Damon and Naomi, Marissa Nadler, Larkin Grimm, Bobb Trimble, and others. I was sitting in one of the recording studio’s isolation rooms tabling for WTBU, handing out zines, etc. throughout the night, but I caught a bunch of videos too, posted above + below.  – Liz Pelly

Check out the original article and/or see the complete line-up for the show.


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