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Buck Curran - War Behind the Sun

While an instrumental, latest single from Buck Curran still ties perfectly with Bertolt Brecht quote on singing during dark times. 7-minute long “War Behind the Sun” is defined almost entirely by tension / struggle between quiet and loud parts – the intro (solitude/calm before the storm), the mid section (boiling pot about to blow up), sadness-tinted ambience returning and, finally, things picking up the pace again.

Solitude, tension and anxiety – all playing equal part in the composition. If that sounds like a soundtrack to current events…well, because it is.

The overall mood of this raga is of sunset where the night approaches much faster than in northern latitudes. The onrushing darkness awakens in many observers, a feeling of anxiety and solemn expectation. 

Here’s to hoping that that the darkness won’t swallow us whole.

Read track-by-track guide to No Love is Sorrow, new LP from Buck Curran

Video filmed on location in California by Joe Winslow/Idaho Joe.

War Behind the Sun is out now on Obsolete Recordings

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