Video Premiere: Allister Thompson – Spirit
Video Premiere: Allister Thompson – Spirit

Video Premiere: Allister Thompson – Spirit

Allister Thompson - Spirit (video)

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I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of musical chameleons – artists that effortlessly change genres (and voices even) from one record to another. Such is the case of Canadian singer/songwriter Allister Thompson.

Allister’s previous projects (Twilight Fields / Gateless Gate) were all about exploring the outer realms of sound, be it shoegaze or ambient. The work he records under his own name is quite different – its closer to 80s jangly rock a-la The Smiths or The Church more than anything.

While it bears little relation to his past work, the atmosphere is definitely there – perhaps amplified by the video featuring snowy Canadian landscapes/forests. And the voice…it can’t be emphasized enough how much it makes or breaks the song/album, but here it fits like a glove, very much a nod to aforementioned 80s influences.

Kind of a random fact – Allister’s shoe size is 11.5, something he specifically wanted us to mention. On a second thought, maybe its not that random, since you don’t want to end up in a snowy Canadian forest (or any forest, really) without shoes, so we’re grateful for a reminder.  

Goodnight from Horizon Rock  by Allister Thompson is out now


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