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“Johnny Yesno Redux” is a box set of music and film comprising Peter Care’s short “Johnny Yesno”, its 2009 remake and the collection of remixes of the original soundtrack by Richard H. Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire). Box set is coming out on Mute on August 29th.

Mute announce the release of a box set of music and film, comprising the original Johnny Yesno film, a new re-imagining of the film alongside 140 minutes of bonus material and 2 CDs including new mixes by Richard H. Kirk plus exclusive tracks.
Peter Care’s controversial short film, ‘Johnny YesNo’, was made in 1979. Its original soundtrack, recorded and produced by Cabaret Voltaire, was released as an album two years later.

Disc 1

  1. Premonition (Remix)
  2. News From Nowhere (Remix)
  3. Yashar – Insurgent Mix (Remix)
  4. If The Shadows Could March (Remix)
  5. Loosen The Clamp 2
  6. Invocation (Remix)
  7. Partially Submerged (Remix)
  8. Hallucination Sequence (Remix)
  9. Invocation 2 (Remix)
  10. The Quarry 2 (Remix)

 Disc 2

  1. Taxi Music 1 (Remix)
  2. Taxi Music 2 (Remix)
  3. Premonition 2 (Remix)
  4. Hallucination Sequence 2 (Remix)
  5. The Quarry (Remix)
  6. Partially Submerged 2 (Remix)
  7. If The Shadows Could March?
  8. Loosen The Clamp (Remix)
  9. Taxi Music 3 (Remix)
  10. Invocation 4 (Remix)

Disc 3 – DVD
Johnny Yesno – Original 1982 version plus trailer
Disc 4 – DVD
Johnny Yesno – Redux 2009

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