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Old World Vulture – Benny
Ted Bundy’s Volkswagen – Whorehopper
Ben Houge – Wishlist
Unsacred Hearts – Visions Of The Concorde
Dave Unger – Let It All Come Down
Remora – Dromos
Remora – I’m Your Man
Drohnwerks – Loop 8 And Burroughs
Tree No Leaves – Dirty Traipser
Trunks – Kniee
FEASTofFETUS – Clocca Loxodonta
Jodienda – Now Old Serpent (The Shaker Song)
Vanguard Villains – Zombie 10
Dead Leaf Echo – Warm Body
Destroy Babylon – Mega Dub Inna Orbit City
freesoulJAH – Gravitational Pull
Guanoman – Kaiseki
Jonny Fun & The Hesitations – Jennifer G. Smith
ZnO – Shine On Elizabeth
Deadhorse – Questions For Which There Are No Answers (Live From The Blot Spot)
Guanoman – Tini Shirakashi
Northern Valentine – Grey Eminence
Pavonine – Ovalis
Rectum – Etal
Scrapbooker – Fuck The Ugly
PBK – Beyond The Boll
Tigon – TeenageBlackHole
Chris Rehm – A Bicycle Composition
ENE – 10 Hands Up!
Funeral Club – The Boy Genius
Jewy Sabatay – Troll’s Birthday
PBK – Carcass Shake
Telethon – OwNixGolly
Finneyerkes – Erna
Nikki Louder – Mirrors, Mirrors
Pantone247 – Mosquito Bites
Street Cheetah – Heroin Sunrise
ENE – Silences
Harvey Girls – In The Morning
False Awakening – Empty White Streets
False Awakening – Beast
ENE – Stracathro Hospital
Squarehead – (-_-)
Marax – Dislodged Teeth And Fractured Fragments
Electric Bird Noise – March Towards The East
The Televangelist And The Architect – The Constant State
Drone Forest – One Minute
Zip-Tie Handcuffs – Worms & Eagles

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