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Underrated and Overlooked Tracks from IHRTN Compilations

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You already saw a collection of Top 20 tracks for April, but there’s also a number of tracks, which, for one reason or another, remain unnoticed. You may help to change this sad situation and here’s a list to help you get started:

freesoulJAH – Gravitational Pull

Dave Unger – Let It All Come Down – solo track from a former Love666 frontman

ENE – 10 Hands Up!

Remora – I’m Your Man – soulful track from a founder of Silber Records

Jonny Fun & The Hesitations – Jennifer G. Smith – dedication to a girl of the same name from one of Popical Island artists

Remora – Dromos – another contribution from head honcho of SR

ZnO – Shine On Elizabeth – cover of Cop Shoot Cop track, which was personally approved by Tod A.

Guanoman – Tini Shirakashi + Kaiseki – words  alone cannot describe what’s going on here

Jodienda – Now Old Serpent (Shaker Song) – eccentric contribution and also a swansong for Jodienda

Pavonine- Ovalis – ambient contribution from this Texas one man (or rather one girl) project

Tree No Leaves – Dirty Traipser – acapella-style

Chris Rehm – A Bicycle Composition – solo track from Caddywhompus / Riff Tiffs frontman

Pantone247 – Mosquito Bites – as good as any actual commercial/jingle

Trunks – Kniee – a contribution from our French guests

Scrapbooker – Fuck The Ugly – pure noise rock madness from Canada

Northern Valentine – Grey Eminence – gorgeous  spaghetti western-ish miniature

Rectum – Etal – fairly noisy sub from New York based one-man project

Shroud Eater – Cyclone – heavy instrumental jam

Vanguard Villains – Zombie 10 – taster for their single

Funeral Club – The Boy Genius – a dedication to Orson Welles from former Grizzly Owls

Jewy Sabatay – Troll’s Birthday – based on a video game

Tigon – Teenageblackhole – pure mayhem and destruction SF style

Female Demand – Shred Tactics – hard to believe that there’s only two people in this band

Finneyerkes – Erna – late-night excursion based on Ludwig Kirchner painting of the same name

Nikki Louder – Mirrors, Mirrors – more from our foreign guests

PBK – Beyond The Ball + Carcass Shake – two contributions from a veteran American ambient/experimental composer Phillip B. Klingler

FEASTofFETUS – Clocca Loxodonta – written exclusively for “Gone In 60 Seconds” compilation

Harvey Girls – In The Morning – let the children sing

ENE – Stracathro Hospital + Silences – two contributions from another veteran composer – f Scott Hudgins

Street Cheetah – Heroin Sunrise – raw and bloody

False Awakening – The Beast + Empty White Streets – two contributions from this French one-man project

The Televangelist And The Architect – Constant State – lush symphonic pop from this local act

Abram Taber – Beacon

Zip-Tie Handcuffs – Worms & Eagles

Down I GoKing Herod The Great + Pterodactylmore mayhem madness – from UK

Drone Forest One Minute

Jenova 7 – Last Breath And Beyondpersonal favorite of many

Image source: Icompositions



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