Band Profile – Tribes Of Neurot
Band Profile – Tribes Of Neurot

Band Profile – Tribes Of Neurot

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If California band Neurosis explored some of the more forbidden elements of ambience and experimental music on their records, then ToN serve as a full-blown experimental/drone/tribal alter ego of the band. The band includes all of the members of Neurosis, plus an additional personnel.

Rebegin EP - 1995/97
Rebegin EP - 1995/97

Their debut was 1995 “Rebegin” EP, which originally came out as vinyl-only record on Alley Sweeper label and was reissued as CD in 1997 . InterZone website described the record as “not so much a step up from Neurosis” but the record also “takes the  ideas” that Neurosis had “to another place.” / “the aftermath of the apocalyptic image Neurosis create”.
Same year brought their debut full-length – “Silver Blood Transmission” with Alternative Press magazine describing the record as showcasing that the band “have the benefit of minimalism and intense moments of creativity in stark, instrumental compositions.”
Late 90s saw a band recording numerous albums – 1998 “Static Migration” (a split with former Pain Teens guitarist Scott Ayers project Walking Timebombs)  /  “Adaptation And Survival: The Insect Project” and 1999 “Grace”, the latter of which was a companion to Neurosis album “Times Of Grace”.
Just as the title suggests, The Insect Project was full of the sounds of insects, where, according to All Music Guide website “the group’s members compiled a library of insect noises, distorting, synthesizing, and manipulating the recordings into bizarre, buzzing noise-scapes and eventually editing them into six individual, untitled tracks.”
Grace - 1999
Grace - 1999

The concept behind 1999 “Grace” was described by AMG as similar to that of Flaming Lips album “Zaireeka”  -since  it served as a companion piece to “Times of Grace” album “the two” were “designed to be played on separate machines at the same time for a richer, fuller listen stemming from the interaction between the two sound sources.” According to AMG, the record functions better as a background music, but it could be also be a very intense experience,  if combined with a companion disc.
Further into the new millenium, the band also released 2000 “60 Degrees” (which was packaged along with Neurosis EP “Sovereign”) and 2005 “Meridian”. In their review of “60 Degrees” AMG pointed that unlike Times Of Grace/Grace, Sovereign and 60 Degrees are two different albums and while Tribes of Neurot follow the formula that they used on previous albums, the two records represent two different experiences.
Band Members:
Dave Edwardson (Neurosis, Waco)
Jason Roeder (Neurosis)
Noah Landis (Blood & Time, Neurosis)
Scott Kelly (Blood & Time, Neurosis)
Steve Von Till (Culper Ring, Neurosis)
Rebegin 2×7″ / CD (Alley Sweeper, 1995 / Invisible + Alley Sweeper, 1997)
Silver Blood Transmission CD (Release, 1995)
Locust Star EP CD (Relapse, 1996)
Gods Of The Center 10″ (Conspiracy, 1997)
Untitled 12″ (Abuse, 1997)
Static Migration CD (Release, 1998)
Autumn Equinox 1999 CD (Neurot, 1999)
Grace CD (Neurot, 1999)
Summer Solstice 1999 CD (Neurot, 1999)
Winter Solstice 1999 CD (Neurot, 1999)
60 Degrees CD (Neurot, 2000)
Spring Equinox 2000 CD (Neurot, 2000)
Summer Solstice 2000 CD (Neurot, 2000)
Winter Solstice 2000 CD (Neurot, 2000)
Autumn Equinox 2001 CD (Neurot, 2001)
Spring Equinox 2001 CD (Neurot, 2001)
Summer Solstice 2001 CD (Neurot, 2001)
Winter Solstice 2001 CD (Neurot, 2001)
A Sun That Never Sets / A Resonant Sun DVD (Relapse, 2002)
Adaptation And Survival: The Insect Project 2xCD (Neurot, 2002)
Cairn 4xCD (Neurot, 2002)
Meridian CD (Neurot, 2005)
Untitled 7″ (Neurot, 2007)
Compilation Tracks:
Accidental Process” on Hoch Zeit Soundtrack (Trost, Unknown Year)
Spirit (Sunshaper)” on Noise Reduction || (Invisible + Alley Sweeper, Unknown Year)
The Boy Who Asked Too Many Questions” on Blague (Spock Productions + Zafio, 1994)
Untitled” on Noise Reduction (Alley Sweeper, 1995)
A Manifestation By Modern Means” on UHF/VHF (Relapse, 1995)
Desire And Delusion” by Arrythmia ||| (Charnel Music, 1996)
Cathartidae” on Better Read Than Dead (AK Press Audio + Epitaph Europe, 1996)
Broken Rings” on Release Your Mind, Vol. 2 (Release Entertainment, 1997)
Density” on Lagrimas De Miedo #7 – Gulliver (Fear Drop Magazine, 2000)
It Is Beginning To Take Effect” on 2xH Vs. HHR Vol.1 – Where Is My Robotic Boot? (Daymare, 2004)
Duality |” + “Cairn (excerpt)” on Neurot Recordings | (Neurot, 2004)




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