Track Review: Mentira “Eu e El” From V/A: 'Sacred Spells' Benefit Compilation via Psychic Eye Records
Track Review: Mentira “Eu e El” From V/A: 'Sacred Spells' Benefit Compilation via Psychic Eye Records

Track Review: Mentira “Eu e El” From V/A: 'Sacred Spells' Benefit Compilation via Psychic Eye Records

Sacred Spells compilation
Barcelona based Mentira casts an atmospherically unique take on minimal synth/punk via stripped down electronics in the track “Eu e El” from the soon to be released ‘Sacred Spells’ compilation from Oakland, CA based imprint Psychic Eye. The track begins with a minimal analog drum machine crunches and blipping in 4/4, quickly exclaimed by a bright, truncated synth lead. A funky yet dissonant baseline quickly builds tension, and the empty space is quickly occupied by a half sung perfectly engaged voice blissfully articulating and gliding across the frequencies.
Swiftly executed vocal leads glue the separate components together like ear epoxy for this refreshingly original sounding debut. Bright and pointed synths lead and half-spoken, half-sung vocal melodies containing both power and nuance, elicit thoughts of early Tara Cross. A minimal but omnipresent metronome style percussion track paints a perfect foundation for the vocals to glaze atop intentionally, creating both a calming and slightly unsettling aura around the instruments, a wonderful blend of synthesized and natural elements working in opposition to everything wrong in a dying, sputtering planet.
This track is a departure from the more psych-forward sounds of related outfit RAKTA, in favor of a more stripped down, forward moving composition of minimal electronic rhythms. Listen to the track below!

‘Sacred Spells’ will be released on January 22nd, International Trans Prisoners Solidarity Day.
The darkwave, dark electronics and experimental compilation benefits TGI Justice Project, one of the first and only legal advocacy and support organizations created and led by formerly incarcerated trans women of color. It was formerly overseen by the eminent LGBTQ activist Miss Major Griffin-Gracy, who emerged from the Stonewall Riots to become a prominent trans rights movement leader for the past several decades. Psychic Eye will be releasing a track every day until the release date, Jan 22nd. You can pre order the compilation HERE. (
1 Anatomy – “Hunting Song”
2 Cruz de Navajas – “Ciudad”
3 Lovataraxx – “Ana Venus”
4 Malocculsion – “Wormfood”
5 Koban – “You Don’t Know Where You Came From”
6 Twin Tribes – “Tower of Glass”
7 Aesthetic Barrier – “Public Ambulation”
8 Maya Songbird – “Wicked Attraction”
9 Zanna Nera – “Blood Debts”
10 The Bedroom Witch – “This House is No Longer”
11 Ritual Veil – “All Black”
12 Terminal A – “Chloe”
13 Yama Uba – “Angel”
14 M. Lamar – “Scarecrow Jim Crow I’m a
Demon Coming at You (Don’t Give Up on Me)”
15 Shadow Age – “Montrose”
16 Cyborg Eye – “The Death of Captain Rhodes”
17 Sigsaly – “You Carry”
18 Mentira – “Eu e El”
19 V.E.X. – “Tomorrow Never Comes”
20 Stacian – “The Joy of Dance”

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