Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 1: Spin
Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 1: Spin

Tommy Bell and His Minions – Vol 1: Spin

First volume in the series curated by I Heart Noise and Petridisch
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We pick one track from upcoming reissue of Tommy Bell – sole album by cult Boston band Turkish Delight – and then pick tracks that we might be spiritual predecessors or successors to the said track

First volume is dedicated to the track “Spin”

Turkish Delight – Spin 
Turkish Delight…brought neurotic bizarritude to new heights…an elastic bassline lurched and jumped while an electric can made strange noises, and on top of that lay bored sounding female sing-speak… David Jarman (CMJ)
Taken from Tommy Bell (Castle Von Buhler, 1996 / I Heart Noise, 2017)
Reading: CMJ

Pylon – Driving School
Pylon were an American rock band from Athens, Georgia. The band’s danceable sound, a blend of new wave, post-punk, jangle pop, alternative rock and funk rock, influenced the Athens music scene and the 1980s American pop underground.
Pylon’s celebrated history came to a sudden end with the death of iconic guitarist Randy Bewley in 2009.  But hey, kids. Everything is still cool! Vanessa has gathered members of Athens bands Casper & the Cookies, The Glands, and world renowned pianist Damon Denton to create Pylon Reenactment Society. Is it a cover band if Vanessa is singing? Technically, it’s the next best thing. PRS are here to have fun and perform in the spirit of Pylon. Don’t be discouraged! Let’s dance!
Taken from Gyrate (DB Recs, 1980)
Also available on Gyrate Plus – a reissue that was put out by DFA Records in 2007

The Flying Lizards – Russia 
Formed by and led by record producer David Cunningham, the group was a loose collective of avant-garde and free improvising musicians, such as David Toop and Steve Beresford as instrumentalists, with Deborah Evans-Stickland, Patti Palladin and Vivien Goldman as main vocalists.
Taken from The Flying Lizards (Virgin / 1980 / reissued by Micro Werks in 2010)

Gold Dime – Easy
GOLD DIME is mostly Andrya Ambro (x Talk Normal). Currently Ambro is joined on stage by on Jessica Ackerley on guitar and Ian Douglas-Moore on bass.
Taken from Nerves (Fire Talk, 2017)
Reading: She Shreds | ThrdCoast | Impose | New York Music Daily

Taiwan Housing Project – White Frosted
Taiwan Housing Project, a collaboration between Mark Feehan, of Harry Pussy, and Kilynn Lunsford of Little Claw.
Taken from Three Song Record (M’Ladys Records, 2016)

Kurws – Tance na wulkanie / Dances on the volcano
ideas not esthetics
Taken from Alarm (Gusstaff Records, 2017)
Reading: Akcelerator | Can This Even Be Called Music

Slits – Shoplifting 
R.I.P. Ari Up (1962-2010)
Taken from The Peel Sessions (Strange Fruit, 1987)
Original version appears on Cut (Island, 1979 – reissued in 2016)

Opposite Sex – Tasman’s Puke
An absurdist-logico mix of Euro pop, Beat poetry, and subterranean lo-fi adventuring. Opposite Sex reinvent alternative pop in a style of their own with something novel to express.
Taken from Hamlet (Melted Ice Cream / Dull Tools, 2016)
Reading: Dull Tools | Post Trash | Elsewhere

Birthing Hips – Droplet
noisey defective pop music for freaks
Taken from Urge to Merge (NNA Tapes, 2017)
Reading: Post-Trash

Body/Head – Everything Left 
American experimental electric guitar duo composed of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace
Taken from Coming Apart (Matador, 2013)
Video directed by Richard Kern
Reading: Post-Grad Music Reviews | Louder Than War | MusicOMH

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