Theory Of Everything – Bios – Civil Civic
Theory Of Everything – Bios – Civil Civic

Theory Of Everything – Bios – Civil Civic

Note – “Theory Of Everything” is an upcoming digital compilation from IHRTN. You can preview it here.
Their contributions: Airspray | Fuck Youth

 Mixing jaggedly progressive post-punk guitar, jamming melodic fuzz bass and pummelling drum machine beats, delivered in a no-frills lo-fi-pop package, these Europe-based Australian instrumentalists have tapped their own original sound, emailing tracks back and forward, reconstructing and tweaking the others contributions, and minimising the possibility of rehearsal room punch-ups.
Shunning vocals to make more room for their soaring distortions, Civil Civic rejected the idea of a front man and instead created ‘The Box’. Part evil drum machine, part hobo light-show, all road-case, The Box completes the Man-Machine tryptic.
It seems that with their grisly arsenal of melody, noise, tricky bits, thuggy bits and that big horse-syringe full of type-O FUN, they’re determined to cement their reputation as “the thinking persons party band”, whatever the cost to themselves, music or humanity at large.

1 (Self Released, 2010)
Run Overdrive / Fuck Youth (Self Released, 2010)
Lights On A Leash (Self Released, 2010)
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