The Crystal World – The Reviews Are In!
The Crystal World – The Reviews Are In!

The Crystal World – The Reviews Are In!

“The Crystal World” is a third studio album from Chicago duo Locrian (Andre Foisy and Terrence Hannum). Its their first record for Utech Record and their first double album. Listed below are reviews for the album.

The Crystal World, the third studio album from Locrian, is an epic journey. Titled after JG Ballard’s 1964 novel that tells the story of a physician who specializes in leprosy sent to a remote African outpost to discover a jungle that is slowly crystallizing and encroaching upon everything it touches. Disc one comprises six tracks while disc two consists of one extended piece, Extinction, that picks up on the intensity of disc one and sustains it for close to an hour. On The Crystal World, Terence Hannum, and André Foisy, are joined by Steven Hess (On, Pan American, Ural Umbo) on percussion and electronics. Hess’ contribution pushes Locrian deeper into the abyss of despair rendering a sound that is darker, bleaker, and engulfing than any of the group’s previous releases. Locrian continue the conceptual trajectory of blackened drone that the group initially embarked on during their first studio album Drenched Lands (2009). Masters of layering, The Crystal Worldfinds the group manipulating tones and textures that transport the listener to an apocalyptic wasteland. At times, the layers are serene and somber, at other times they are chaotic.

Anti-Gravity Bunny | Infernal MasqueradeMusical Warfare | The One True Dead Angel
MP3 Samples: Triumph Of Elimination | Obsidian Facades | Extinction I | Extinction II


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