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Locrian is a Chicago-based duo of Andre Foisy (Break Of Dawn, Unlucky Atlas) and Terrence Hannum (City Of Liars, Unlucky Atlas), which so far recorded numerous tapes, CDr and one CD for such labels as BloodLust!, Catholic Tapes, Pilgrim Talk and Diophantine Discs.
Although their main base is Chicago, none of the members are city natives – Andre is originally from New York, while Terence is from Florida. Initially they were both in a gothic-folk band called Unlucky Atlas (which also included their wives) and Andre was also in a heavy metal band called Break Of Dawn. Eventually, however,  their desire to meld together experimental music, hardcore and heavy metal led them to an idea to start a new project.
Their 2009 CD “Drenched Lands” was a joint release between At War With False Noise (Scotland) and Small Doses (US). According to band members, the CD is a “blown out landscape, an environment in distress”, which was inspired by non-music sources such as Samuel Delaney sci-fi novel “Dhalgren” and Andrey Tarkovsky visual masterpiece “Stalker”.
Capital Punishment website described the release “a minimal and gloomy urban journey, encompassing the sparsest of drone, ambient metal and even some post rock sensibilities.” with its sound being full of “atmospheric washes of hums, clean guitar, reverbing synths and the subtlest of screams.”. CP compared the sound on CD with the work of Culver, soundtrack composer/director John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Nadja.
Gradations Of Morbidity website pointed out that the artwork might lead one to believe that this is a “heavier, riff driven end of doom-metal”, while in reality its a bit more subtle than that. According GoM, Locrian “are influenced by Aleister Crowley and have a penchant for flirting with the occult, given the blackened vocals, darker electronics and harrowing atmospheres within their loop driven gloom.” GoM also compares the band’s work to that of Halo Manash and Keith Fullerton Whitman. In the end, they concluded that the record is interesting not only because it represents a work of two DIY labels, but because it envelops the listener in its “sea of awesome drones and harrowing blackness.”
Upcoming: “The Crystal World” – the band’s third studio full-length and their first double album. Its scheduled for release on Nov. 27 via Utech Records. More recently, the band was also featured on volume 24 of “Wire Tapper” compilation from Wire Magazine.
Andre Foisy (Break Of Dawn, Unlucky Atlas)
Terence Hannum (City Of Liars, Unlucky Atlas)
Setting Yr. Jetta On Fire CDr (Self-Released, 2005)
II CDr (Self-Released, 2005)
III CDr (Self-Released, 2005)
Locrian 2xCass (Self-Released, 2007)
Locrian / Daleth Split Cass (Self-Released, 2007)
Exhuming The Carnival / Burying The Carnival Cass (Self-Released, 2007)
Greyfield Shrines LP (Diophantine Discs, 2008)
Plague Journal 7″ (Bloodlust!, 2008)
Rhetoric Of Surfaces CDr (Bloodlust!, 2008)
Ruins Of Morning (Plague Journal) CDr / Cass (Crank Satori, 2008 / Catholic Tapes, 2008)
Locrian / Colossus Split Cass (Heavy Nature Tapes, 2008)
Locrian / Continent Split Cass (Self-Released, 2008)
Drenched Lands CD (At War With Noise + Small Doses, 2009)
Endless Plains / Flat Horizon Cass (Peasant Magik, 2009)
Land Of Contamination Cass (Self-Released, 2009)
Land Of Decay VHS + CDr (Land Of Decay, 2009)
Land Of Erosion Cass (Land Of Decay, 2009)
Locrian / Katchmare Split 7″ (Pilgrim Talk, 2009)
Rain Of Ashes CD / Cass (Fan Death, 2009 / Basses Frequences, 2009)
Locrian / Harpoon Split 7″ (Hewhocorrupts Inc., 2009)
Visible / Invisible CDr (Small Doses, 2009)
Falling Towers / After The Torchlight Cass (Black Horizons, 2010)
Land Of Failure 2xCass (Land Of Decay, 2010)
Territories LP (At War With False Noise + Basses Frequences + Bloodlust! + Small Doses, 2010)
Compilation Tracks:
“Gruen Transfers” on No More Noise (Scissor Death, 2008)
“Void” on Cemetery Road / Dead Elektronics (Ad Noiseam, 2009) – 2xCD set of Wilt-related material. First CD is the original album and the second one is a compilation of work based on sound sources from Wilt.
“Buried Plateau” on Undergången – An Audio Companion To The End-Tymes (Fukk Tapes Let’s Erase, 2009)
“Inverted Ruins” on Heavy Focus (Small Doses + Phage Tapes, 2009)
“Elevations And Depths” on The Wire Tapper 24 (Wire Magazine, 2010)
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