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Flat is a compilation that was originally released by Locust Music label in 1991. According to liner notes, it was supposed to be the first record in the series of “7” discs documenting short, short musical and poetic compositions.”, but volume 2 never materialized for some reason.
Now, thanks to UbuWeb, the compilation is available for download in a digital format. Get it here or download it track by track below.
Vertigo – Nabrishkan Dreams (MP3)
John Solt – As Soon As I Wake Up (MP3)
Ken Ando Convenient Ensemble – Whump (MP3)
Wisconsin Conservatory Of Noise – 60 Seconds For Orchestra (MP3)
Byron Coley – The Bark At Bob’s Backdoor (MP3)
Sun City Girls – Encyclopedia Vomitanica (MP3)
Bastro – Its Mercury I’ve Got In My Hips (MP3)
Gregg Spence – I Need Somebody (MP3)
Yusuke Keida – A Poet’s Sea (MP3)
Daniel Johnston – River Of No Return (MP3)
Craig Hill – My Mother’s Not Albanian (MP3)
Cruel Frederick – Small Note (MP3)
PGR –  Eight Corners Of The Horizon (MP3)

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