Stream – Zorch – Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F.
Stream – Zorch – Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F.

Stream – Zorch – Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F.

Zorch is a Texas duo of Sam (Shmu) and Zac Traeger and “Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F.” is their latest single. Check it out here.

Meet Austin’s spazz-mongering soothsayers, Zorch. Formed in 2009 by Berklee College alum Zac Traeger and a gentlemen known simply as Shmu, the duo was already a devastating live force when it exited the womb, winning hearts and crushing minds in and around an already fertile music scene. Boasting shimmering sci-fi sounds, percussive acrobatics, and a strong inclination toward solid hooks, Zorch’s noise-pop places equal emphasis on the noise and the pop sides of the spectrum. Their new two-song single Cosmic Gloss/E.M.F., their first batch of recordings since their early demos, showcases the more nuanced side of Zorch’s supersonic garage rock-damaged prog. Fans of BoredomsHoly Fuck, and Hella would do well to visit their music page for some free downloads.
Kenny Bloggins / The Decibel Tolls

Note – limited edition “cassingle” of “Cosmic Gloss” came out on (iN)sect Records.
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