Stream – Eu La’s Return EP
Stream – Eu La’s Return EP

Stream – Eu La’s Return EP

Eu La Return 1

Eu La is Jacob Schwartz of Sadha (and countless other projects whose records appeared on his netlabel Mt. Thunder Records).

Return is the latest in the series of EPs that Eu La put out since July and its a fine demonstration of the idea that ambient doesn’t always have to mean sonic wallpaper (blame Brian Eno for that one). The initial impression that I got is that this is fairly simple and relaxing electronic music, but subtle nuances and textures on display here suggest that its anything but run of the mill ambient/glitch/electronics.

Its tracks like appropriately named Cloud Cathedral with its celestial (and somewhat philosophical) ambiance and guitar-driven Return (why not) that best demonstrate the peculiar mix of glitch/abstraction and melody characterizing this project.


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