Spotify to Bandcamp // Trip FM (Pt. 2)
Spotify to Bandcamp // Trip FM (Pt. 2)

Spotify to Bandcamp // Trip FM (Pt. 2)

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Curated by Michael Southard (Time Rival) featuring new music from Triplicate Records as well as other independent and underground artists and labels from the ambient electronic music community.

Original playlist can be found here. Part 1 can be found here.

This Ship Argo – Isomer

Belfast’s Aileen McKenna, aka This Ship Argo, named her new album, Always the Bees: Never the Honey, after an old Irish curse: “May you find the bees but not the honey”. With a vengeful origin encased in natural imagery, it is a fitting title for an album that dwells first on negative emotions, only to later dispel them through pastoral sonic escape.The Thin Air

Further Reading: Track-by-Track // This Ship Argo – Always the Bees: Never the Honey

Robert Scott Thompson – Through Circle and Shadow

Born 1959 in California. Composer of instrumental (chamber and orchestral music) and electroacoustic music (computer music and video and performance art). Director of the Center for Audio Recording Arts (CARA) in the School of Music at Georgia State University in Atlanta. He also runs the Aucourant Records label.

Survey Channel – Spectrum of a Ring

Four expertly crafted beat-driven nostalgia pills and two delightfully blissful ambient pieces. Accept the inevitable and download this beautiful little EP.

Steve Hadfield – Ascension (See Blue Audio)

ambient / electronic / beatless / cinematic / downtempo / eclectic / introspective… Shade rather than light…

Cpektir – Then the Shadowman Came

music inspired by nostalgia, nature and the supernatural

Alaskan Tapes – An Image

Alaskan Tapes is an Ambient music project based in Toronto, Canada.

The outfit is the brainchild of composer Brady Kendall, who set out to explore different approaches and craft songs the aren’t only about memorable melodies, but also about texture and depth.

Sarah Davachi – First Cadence (Late Music)

Sarah Davachi’s music has an intense, focused, devotional quality. The sound of the instruments and the considered manner in which they’re played is as important as what is being played. – Dusted Magazine

Lyra Pramuk & Ben Frost – Cradle (Patience Rework) (Bedroom Community)

Lyra Pramuk fuses classical vocalism, pop sensibilities, performance practices and contemporary club culture in what can best be described as futurist folk music.

Hainbach – Scatternoise (Seil Records)

Based out of Berlin, Germany, electronic music composer and perfomer Hainbach creates shifting audio landscapes THE WIRE called “One hell of a trip”.

Cruel Diagonals – Subterranean Accretion

“Don’t be afraid to suffer—take your heaviness
And give it back to the earth’s own weight;
The mountains are heavy, the oceans are heavy.”

-Rainer Maria Rilke

Cruel Diagonals is Los Angeles-based vocalist & field recordist, Megan Mitchell.

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