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Compiled by TRL Mailorder. Original playlist can be found here.

Bruno Bavota – Apartment Loop #6 (Temporary Residence)

In the early months of 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak ravaged his home country of Italy, prolific composer Bruno Bavota did what we all would eventually do: isolated and waited. What followed was a year of fear, anxiety, and dread. Eventually, fear gave way to fatigue, and the anxiety metamorphosized into nervous energy. The compulsion to create became more powerful than the compression and weight. And so were born Apartment Songs and Apartment Loops.

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Hoshina Anniversary – Tanabata Monogatari (ESP Institute)

On steady rise following two sublime singles over the past year — ‘Sagano b/w Haru Wa Akebono’ and ‘Karakuri b/w Michinoku’ — Tokyo-based artist Hoshina Anniversary elaborates his eccentric musical point-of-view even further with a debut album for the ESP Institute entitled ‘Jomon’. Fourteen tracks stir a melting pot in line with our obsessions, a variety of styles which often stay in their own dedicated lanes while here their trajectories collide in demonstrable fusion.

Seefeel – Gatha (Warp Records)

Cex – Your Handwriting When You Were A Child In The Winter (555 Recordings)

Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood of Breath – MRA (Cuneiform)

Bruiser Wolf – Use Me (I’m Dope) (Bruiser Brigade)

Croatian Amor & Varg2TM – Rats (Posh Isolation)

Rosali – If Not For Now (Spinster)

John Andrews & The Yawns – Early Hours of the Morning (Woodsist)

Pinback – 3 x 0 (Ace Fu)

Mdou Moctar – Afrique Victime (Matador)

Fly Pan Am – Grid / Wall (Constellation)

The Great Unraveling – Alien Landscape (Kill Rock Stars)

Engine Kid – Angel Dust (Revelation Records)

Diabolizer – Maelstroms of Abhorrence (Dessicated Productions)

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