Soulscorch x I Heart Noise April Mixtape
Soulscorch x I Heart Noise April Mixtape

Soulscorch x I Heart Noise April Mixtape




Xqui – Twenties (Wormhole World)

Xqui travels back one hundred years, navigating a twisted channel to the roaring Twenties. As this record crackles into life, sounds begin to melt and warp in a visceral transgression of time. Uncompromisingly immersive; startling; melancholic; confusing; beautiful – Twenties is the rebirth of a fading spirit song of ages.

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Zachary Farmer – The Black Masquerade (ft Jeremy Jones-Weston)

I am just a humble composer. I hope you enjoy the music you find here.

BurningTapes – Everybody Gets Hit In The Mouth Sometime (Burning Witches Records)

BurningTapes, aka Darren Page, has something a little different for your brains and ears this time around with his all new long player. He’s all but shelved the Carpenter-esque horror vibes and is ready to trample our psyches with dirty bass and scuzzy beats. There’s also a peppering of keys and samples that give the proceedings the feeling of early 90s Beastie Boys mainlining MF Doom and Queens of the Stone Age, with a healthy dose of Odelay-era Dust Brothers production for good measure. – Complex Distractions

The Heartwood Institute & Hawksmoor – Through The Crash Barrier (Spun Out Of Control)

Concrete Island, music by The Heartwood Institute & Hawksmoor

Our collaboration was initiated in February 2020, on the cusp of what would become a historically fateful year.

We began with no rules and by sharing files, which could range from a modular loop to a bass line, melody or rhythm track, or something more realised that needed a fresh pair of ears to deconstruct and re-work it.

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Dogs Versus Shadows – Oscilloghost Theme (Third Kind Records)

Meanwhile, Oscilloghost drifts into more otherworldly realms, being the imagined soundtrack to a fictional, spooky TV movie. Pylon claims late 1980s, but some of his creepy, atmospheric vignettes have a whiff of 1960s Delia Derbyshire and suggest ghosts have – indeed – entered his assembled machines. There’s a sense of genuine dread to the likes of ‘Vacuum Tube’ and ‘Calibration’, and the stabbing, staccato synths of the title track are made for late-night BBC2 repeats. Great fun. – Bob Fischer / Haunted Generation

Emanative & Liz Elensky – The Volume Of Light (ft Jessica Lauren) (Home Planet Recordings)

Emanative is drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey, best known for spiritual jazz albums and releases on labels such as Brownswood, The Steve Reid Foundation and Jazzman Records, as well as flirting with things more electronic. (Also responsible for co-producing and mixing records for artists such as Sarathy Korwar & Collocutor)

Liz Elensky is a vocalist, lyricist and vocal arranger who has been involved with Emanative since the beginning of his project back in 2006, as well as with many other live and recording projects.

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Marcus Joseph – Arrival Of The Giants (Jazz Re:freshed)

For his sophomore album, alto saxophonist Marcus Joseph, presents a project entitled Beyond The Dome, a body of work that explores themes of personal and external limitations, the idea of what binds us to who and where we are and the transcendence of perceived obstacles to become our authentic selves.

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Brother Culture, Nello B & Radikal Vibration – Stepping Dub part 1 (Evidence Music)

GAUDI – Theremin In Hand (Dubmission Records)

Gaudi follows up his critically acclaimed album “100 Years of Theremin (The Dub Chapter)” with a cover of Lee Perry’s classic ‘Bird in Hand’ production.

Recorded on the ‘Happy Roots’ riddim, ‘Bird in Hand’ was Sam Carty’s take on Naushad Ali’s Hindi love song, ‘Milte Hi Ankhen’. Here it’s re-titled ’Theremin In Hand’, with Gaudi playing the vocal line on the theremin, while Colin Edwin (of Porcupine Tree) plays bass and Horseman drums.

Arlo Parks – Eugene (Transgressive Records)

In Arlo Parks’ world, words are as useful as photographs. Luscious, expressive vignettes pepper the poetic lyrics in her sweet, ruminative, indie pop songs.

Collapsed in Sunbeams is Arlo Parks’ long awaited debut album.

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HIJINX – Tru (Navy Cut)
Gladys Right – See The Light (I-mitri CounterAction)
Nestor Alvarez – Kinky Afro Cuban (Original Gravity)
All Of Them Witches – Town Folk (Burning Witches Records)
Frank Hall – Mooir Min I Kvi Kvi (Cold Spring)
Central Office Of Information and DJ Space Terrapin – I Remember (Music Is The Devil)
The Electric Pentacle – Fold One (Colander)

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