Sonic Youth Week – Profile – Lee Ranaldo
Sonic Youth Week – Profile – Lee Ranaldo

Sonic Youth Week – Profile – Lee Ranaldo

Place Of Birth: Glen Cove, Long Island, NY
Date Of Birth: February 3rd, 1957
Role(s): Singer / guitarist /producer / writer / visual artist
Some of the bands that he was in (outside of Sonic Youth):
Ciccone Youth – 80s band that included all members of  Sonic Youth (plus Mike Watt from Minutemen/Firehose). They covered Madonna’s “Into The Groove”, among other things.
Four Guitars – Live recording session between Thurston Moore / Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth and Carlos Giffoni (Monotract) / Nels Cline (Wilco)
Million Dollar Bashers – One-off project that involved Lee Ranaldo / Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth, John Medeski (Medeski, Martin & Wood), Smokey Hormel (Forro In The Dark), Tom Verlaine (Television) and Tony Garnier. They recorded numerous covers of Bob Dylan’s songs for the soundtrack to 2007 movie “I’m Not There”.
Plus Instruments – Early 80s band that preceded Sonic Youth. Along with Ranaldo, it also included David Linton (OWT) and Truus De Groot.
Text Of Light – A project that involves Ranaldo, Alan Licht, Christian Marclay, Tim Barnes, Ulrich Krieger and William Hooker.
From Here To Infinity CD / LP /12″ (SST, 1987 / Blast First, 1987)
Lee Ranaldo / Something To Burn Split 7″ (Musical Tragedies, 1992)
Lee Ranaldo / Something To Burn Split CD (Musical Tragedies, 1992)
Scriptures Of The Golden Eternity CD / LP (Father Yod, 1993 / Drunken Fish, 1995)
Broken Circle / Spiral Hill 7″ / CD (Starlight Furniture Co., 1994)
Smoke Ring / Travis 4,5 7″ (Table Of The Elements, 1994)
East Jesus (Some Recordings 1981 – 1991) CD (Atavistic, 1995)
Envisioning (with William Hooker) CD (Knitting Factory Works, 1995)
The Gift Of Tongues (with William Hooker and Zeena Parkins) CD (Knitting Factory Works, 1995)
Clouds (with William Hooker, Jim O’Rourke and Gianni Gebbia) CD (Les Disques Victo, 1997)
MMMR (with Loren Mazzacane Connors, Jean-Marc Montera and Thurston Moore) CD / LP (Xeric + Numero Zero Audio, 1997)
Amarillo Ramp (For Robert Smithson) CD (Starlight Furniture Co., 1998)
Dirty Windows CD (Barooni, 1998)
Bouquet (with William Hooker and Christian Marclay) CD (Knitting Factory Works, 2000)
Fuck Shit Up (with Christian Marclay and Thurston Moore) CD (Les Disques Victo, 2000)
New York – Ystad (with Thurston Moore, Steve Shelley and Mats Gustafsson) CD (Olof Bright, 2000)
Out Trios Volume One: Monsoon (with William Hooker and Roger Miller) CD (Atavistic, 2002)
Music For Stage And Screen CD (Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L’Acier, 2004)
North Six (with Carlos Giffonni and Jim O’Rourke) CD (Antiopic, 2004)
30th December 2004 (with Birchville Cat Motel) CD (Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, 2005)
Drift (with Leah Singer) DVD (Plexifilm, 2005)
Oasis Of Whispers (with Glenn Hall and William Hall) CD (Alien8, 2005)
The Celestial Answer (with William Hooker) CD (Xeric, 2005)
Ambient Loop For Vancouver CD (Important, 2006)
Melbourne Direct (with Steve Shelley, Jim O’Rourke and Thurston Moore) 2×12″ (Saucerlike, 2006)
Vancouver Ambients 1-4 7″ (Important, 2006)
All The Stars In The Sky 12″ (Self-Released, 2007)
Nothing Makes Any Sense (with Nels Cline, Carlos Giffoni and Alan Licht) CD (No Fun Productions, 2007)
Countless Centuries Fled Into The Distance Like So Many Storms 12″ (Table Of The Elements, 2008)
Maelstrom From Drift CD (Three Lobed, 2008)
Selected Compilation Tracks:
“Shift” on Just Another Asshole (Just Another Asshole, 1981 / Atavistic, 1995)
“Florida Power” on No Age – A Compilation Of SST Instrumental Music (SST, 1987)
“Deva” + “Spain Fragments” on Bullets Wrapped In Sugar (Stomach Ache, 1988)
“Scratchy Heart” on Nothing Short Of Total War (Blast First, 1989 / Torso, 1989)
“Here” on Guitarrorists (No.6, 1991 / Gliterhouse, 1991)
“Stephanie Says (1.15.91)” on Heaven & Hell (A Tribute To The Velvet Underground) (Imaginary, 1992)
“Drift 4” on Melt / Dissolve – A Work In Progress Compilation (Work In Progress, 1992 / Fused Coil, 1996)
“How Much Needs Crushing?” on America The Beautiful (RRRecords, 1994)
“Fragile” on Whore (WMO, 1996)
“First Computer Piece” on Four Years In 30 Seconds (Dirter Promotions, 1998)
“(1999)” on Send + Receive – 10 Years Of Sound (Send + Receive Editions, 2009)

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