Band Profile – Dead C
Band Profile – Dead C

Band Profile – Dead C

You could be forgiven for thinking of New Zealand as one of those pastoral spots where the sun always shines and the natives are given to the creation of cordial jangle-pop. Every stretch of terra firma has its less-illuminated stretches, however, and few Kiwis have probed their motherland’s darker side more effectively than this prolific (yet shadowy) combo. – Trouser Press

Forerunners of post-rock and the modern-day revival of space rock, the Dead C are an improvisational, hugely prolific noise rock trio indebted to Sonic Youth (whose Thurston Moore is an avowed fan), as well as Krautrock and psychedelia. Challenging and mostly instrumental, they have been a definite anomaly on the New Zealand scene, which was still known primarily for the jangly collegiate pop of the Flying Nun label when the band first emerged in the late ‘80s. Perhaps in part for that reason, the Dead C didn’t attract much of a fan base in their home country; their audience was mostly international, developed initially through fanzine culture and word of mouth. – ATP

Dead C is a noise/experimental trio out of Dunedin, NZ that includes Bruce Russell, Michael Morley and Robbie Yeats. Since their formation in 1986, the band released numerous records via such labels as Xpressway, Flying Nun, Siltbreeze, Shock and Ba Da Bing!, among others.
The band’s most recent release is 2010 “Patience”, which came out on Ba Da Bing! label. In 2010 Ba Da Bing! also release Gate’s “Republic Of Sadness”. Gate is a solo project of Michael Morley, who, in addition to his work with Dead C was also a member of Wreck Small Speakers On Expensive Stereos.

Selected Discography

DR503 (Flying Nun, 1987)
The Sun Stabbed EP (Xpressway, 1988)
The Live Dead See (Xpressway, 1988)
Runway (Precious Metal, 1989)
Perform DR503b (Xpressway, 1989)
Eusa Kills (Flying Nun, 1989)
Helen Said This (Siltbreeze, 1990)
Mighty / Power (Forced Exposure, 1991)
Hell Is Now Love / Bone (Siltbreeze, 1991)
Harsh 70s Reality (Siltbreeze, 1992)
Trapdoor Fucking Exit (Siltbreeze + Precious Metal, 1993)
World Peace Hope Et Al (Shock, 1994)
The White House (Siltbreeze, 1995)
Vain, Erudite And Stupid: Selected Works: 1987-2005 (Ba Da Bing, 2006)
Secret Earth (Ba Da Bing!, 2008)
Patience (Ba Da Bing!, 2010)

Selected Compilation Tracks

“Puberty” + “This Map” on Bullets Wrapped In Sugar (Stomach Ache, 1988) – other tracks
by Gate, Lee Ranaldo, Yamatsuka Eye
“The Wheel” on In Love With These Times (Flying Nun, 1989) – other tracks by Chills,
Bailter Space, This Kind Of Punishment, Terminals
“Tränenbeutel” on What’s That Noise – Another XPRESSWAY Compilation (What’s That
Noise, 1992) – other tracks by Terminals, Shayne Carter and Alastair Galbraith
“Bad Politics” on Making Losers Happy (Xpressway NZ Singles 1988-1991) (Drag City,
1992) – other tracks by Terminals, Plagal Grind, David Mitchell
“Load Segment” on All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1 (ATP, 2002) – other tracks by Stereolab,
Boredoms, Kevin Drumm, Unwound, Sonic Youth, Cat Power, Bardo Pond
“Outside on God Came Between Us (777 Was 666) – other tracks by Culturcide, Evil
Moisture, Decaer Pinga, Tiny Tim, Raymond Scott
“Scarey Nest” on 25 Years (Flying Nun, 2006) – other tracks by Pin Group, Dimmer, 3Ds,
Chug, Garageland, Gordons, Clean, Fetus Productions, This Kind Of Punishment, Verlaines


Live Eye TV interview (2008)
Live Eye TV performance (Seattle, 2008)
MP3: Shaft
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