Show Review – Lightning Bolt at the Paradise (9.23.12)
Show Review – Lightning Bolt at the Paradise (9.23.12)

Show Review – Lightning Bolt at the Paradise (9.23.12)

Having missed LB show few years ago, I finally was able to see what they were about on a recent Sunday night at the ‘Dise.

Along for the ride were Gondoliers and Buck Gooter (whom I mistakenly labelled as “Cop Killer”).
Gondoliers – Excellent opener, perhaps one of the best openers on my recent memory.
Their lead singer exudes a certain Morrison-esque coolness and while some of their songs reference anyone from Melvins to Scratch Acid/Jesus Lizard and then some of their other songs seem to reference but the band themselves. We were definitely off to a good start…
And then Cop Killer…err Buck Gooter came on and while they didn’t ruin the show, I wouldn’t say that they were my favorites from that night either.
Combining a lead singer who seemingly stole at least a couple of moves from Phil Anselmo circa early 90s, a guitar player who looked like he could’ve been J. Mascis granddad and a drum machine, they certainly were a strange amalgam. Their music, however, quickly becomes a bit boring and repetitive with all the endless yelling and pounding.
And, finally…*drum roll*…
Motorhead…err…Lightning Bolt!
With all the trademark drum pounding and buzzsaw guitars, LB caused enough mayhem and pandemonium all around without anyone being injured or killed.
Note – the reason why Motorhead is mentioned above is because the band compared themsleves to them in a recent interview (with tongue firmly stuck in cheek, one assumes). To these ears they certainly sounded little like Lemmie and Co., save for rafter-shaking abilities of both bands.
Crown of the evening should definitely go to LB, with Gondoliers being a great opening act and Buck Gooter being ok/average second opening act.
Video credit: kvjain86
Also – check out excellent photos of the show taken by Bill T Miller!

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