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Rating: 3/5
And just time in Halloween we got this debut from Scottish band Young Hunting who play music for imaginary/non-existent movies. In addition to being a soundtrack to fictional movie, “Attachment” is a concept album that deals with the subject of affair between mother and son which results in murder.
If this doesn’t sound like too difficult of a concept to deal with, read on…
“Attachment” is a strange (and interesting, if not particularly cohesive) record,  even for an experimental/ambient genre. It often feels like the band is trying to pack way too much into a little CD – it starts out with grating noises/drones of “The Process of Being” and the band goes in all sorts of directions from here – from spoken pieces to dark ambient to a certain combination of both. The production is decidedly lo-fi and brings to mind the work of John Watermann (as well as countless 80s tape-traders).
Sifting through all the 16 tracks included on the album is not easy –  there are some great pieces here (“Forebode” (which completely lives up to its name) , “The Birth Mask”, “The Mother And The Son”), but then there are few tracks that sound too static or too cluttered with too many sound effects. Its often hard to tell where one piece ends and the other begins, but in all likeliness this was done intentionally in order to disorient the listener.
In the end, its that certain complexity of the record that may prevent some people from enjoying it. At the same time, if you are a fan of the likes of Coil and/or Ulver, you just might understand where those guys are coming from and, thus, “Attachment” should be right up your alley.
Further Info: Agenda Recordings – MySpace | YH – MySpace | YH – Facebook | YH – Official Site
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