Review – Waterman Fragment – S/T
Review – Waterman Fragment – S/T

Review – Waterman Fragment – S/T

A sermon for the damned.
Coming together like some radical preacher of the coming doom, Waterman Fragment has my attention. Stretching out tension in relevant sparks and droning a tooth on metal sensation has my eyes getting wider and stretching out my lips. And this is all before the digital assault. What could come from these dreams so meticulously recorded could only be spread as sensation.
Function is the 3rd track on this self-titled release from Waterman Fragment, a two person setup of driving rhythms and radical desperation in the vocals. It’s an isolation number of gravity. This could have been Robinson Crusoe’s evening prayer.
A Kaag and a Smak in a Calm is the walking joint. The tune where you turn the headphones up as they go and you make a quicker pace without thinking about it. You into talk-singing and dischord? Boy howdy!
The Hyssop brought me back to Catholic School. The fear instilled in myself as a child of a loving and a vengeful God who would damn my eternal soul for the slightest discretion. That’s some heavy shit to throw at a kid when it’s difficult enough as it is. Thankfully, The Hyssop is more like the moment when you realize that everyone you had trusted as a child had lied to you. The combination of rage and liberation in these times is a fuel for new skin.

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