Review Vault – Terraform, Female Demand
Review Vault – Terraform, Female Demand

Review Vault – Terraform, Female Demand

Terraform – Temporal Junk (Karamazov Recordings)
And more stuff from Oregon (see this review for an explanation)…
Portland, OR Terraform occupy a territory that used to belong to bands like Mr. Bungle, Sun City Girls and Scissor Girls. That’s the sort of land in which only the most adventurous kind of listener will¬† survive, as the music on “Temporal Junk” doesn’t really hint at any possibility¬† of featuring anything that could pass for pop music (or any traditional music, for that matter).
Think of it this way – take any of the three aforementioned bands, throw in a couple of squealing saxophone passages and you’re halfway there. At times it sounds like the band is on the verge of being electrocuted as they march on with drunken electric waltzes and zig-zagging rhythms.
Songs are fairly brief, so they don’t really worn out their welcome and most of them straddle a line between sounding insanely fun and sounding like a mess. It’s up to anyone to decide what to make out of Terraform’s music, but for now its safe to say that anyone who can listen to this on a regular basis should be approached with caution, as there might be a head or two hidden in their freezer.
Note – download the album here
Points of Interest: Karamazov Recordings blog / Terraform Myspace page
Female Demand – FD-2 EP
FD are a two-piece from Houston, TX who describe themselves as “A 2 piece Heavy Drums and Bass band that blends sounds of Sabbath and Zeppelin, with psychedelic, tribal tangents, dance grooves, and apocalyptic freak outs”. To these ears, they resemble a slightly less noisy version of Lightning Bolt – its a crunchy instrumental rock with barely a room for anything other heavy guitar workouts/stompers.
Sure – its all been done before, but given that this particular EP sounds so great, there’s no way to complain. No bullshit here, indeed.
Catch FD on tour this summer:
june 8th – lafayette, LA / Sadies
june 9th – Baton Rouge, LA / HTGT Thrift Warehouse
june 10th – New Orleans, LA / Banks St. Bar
june 12th – Atlanta, GA / Wonder Root
june 16th – Brooklyn, NY / Good-Bye-Blue-Monday
june 17th – Brookyn, NY / Don Pedro
june 24th – Cleveland, OH / Cranky’s Manatee Bar
june 26th – St. Louis, MO / The Floating Laboratories
Note – Download this EP here
Points of Interest: Female Demand on Bandcamp / Twitter / Blog


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