Review: Uniform – Shame
Review: Uniform – Shame

Review: Uniform – Shame

Uniform Shame

Words: Gargotheron

4.5 Gargs out of 5

It took me a second to get into Uniform’s first album for some reason, but once I caught on to their post-industrial noise rock hybrid I’ve been hooked ever since. Featuring former Drunkdriver vocalist Michael Berdan, guitarist/bassist Ben Greenberg, and drummer Mike Sharp, “Shame” is the band’s third full length (or fourth if you include their collaboration with The Body, and really why wouldn’t you).

Opening with the steady pounding of “Delco”, Berdan repeatedly informs us “you are what you’ve done, you are what’s been done to you”. It’s a snotty and deliberate proclamation and sets the mood nicely. The woozy “The Shadow of God’s Hand” follows with an almost doom metal dirge before going into a sloppy and shrieking speed metal section. No strangers to Ministry style thrash riffs, like the abbreviated “Dispatches From the Gutter” later on, the band also throws in some black metalish blasting in the third track “Life in Remission”, and some Godflesh like industrial gaze in the title track, making this their most diverse effort yet without forgetting their bratty noise rock foundation.

Fans of albums that aren’t overly long should appreciate Uniform’s habit of only including eight tracks on their albums. Speaking of habits, like hard drugs, their sound is addictive and leaves you wanting more. Go ahead and press play again and get another immediate fix while jonesing for what this incredible band will cook up next.


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