Review: Regas-McDonald – Toward Void & Vistas
Review: Regas-McDonald – Toward Void & Vistas

Review: Regas-McDonald – Toward Void & Vistas

Regas-McDonald - Toward Void & Vistas
We got somethin’ here. It’s a fighter, but I can get it in the boat. Look at ‘em go! Aw, shit. Well, we’ll get ‘em next time.
I like fishing. I mostly do catch and release when I do. The few times I’ve tried to eat what I catch have been…bad. Never the less, I fish on. I like the patience. It’s nice to not have to do anything for a little while. Usually I just listen to music and try to think about not thinking. That works for a little while. Someone told me to check out a release by Regas-McDonald called “Toward Void & Vistas” so I found it, went for a little walk, listened to it, and then kept walking and listening to it some more. I played through it 3 times before I decided to head back home. What started as a quick trip to get some cigarettes turned into a proper walkabout. This has nothing to do with fishing.
“Toward Void & Vistas” is the only release (I think?) from Regas-McDonald. It sounds like a real labor of love and the attention to detail really shines throughout the album. Composed by cousins Sam Regas and Matt McDonald, they really put their work to task on this. I didn’t think it was two people listening to it. There’s this great wash of sound that comes over certain tracks like “Agamemnon’s Ghost” and “bullseyebuddhas”. A lot of this sounds like sleepwalking. There is an energy that keeps everything in motion, but it’s all moving underwater. Except for “A Season for High Splendor”. This is the track that stood out for me. They’re on that talking cure with this one. Storytelling over disciplined beats with occasional interceptions from reverb and fuzz. “A man can lead many lives before noon.” I like that one a lot.
You can find “Toward Void & Vistas” on the Regas-McDonald bandcamp page, and I would suggest that you do. They got one of them “name your price” features, so you can be a cheap bastard. Or, alternatively, you can be a decent human being and throw a few dollars their way. I’m gonna keep an eye on Regas-McDonald and see what happens. Maybe they like fishing, too.

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