Review – M. Grig – Millpond Way
Review – M. Grig – Millpond Way

Review – M. Grig – Millpond Way

I will be moving soon. I have lived in a major US city for the past 12 years give or take. While it has been mostly great, the incessant traffic, the unending hordes of people (both tourists and locals), the limitless construction, the noise the vehicles the growth and pace of life have all managed to create such a weight that I feel the need to leave for less congested pastures.
M Grig’s “Millpond Way” encapsulates almost perfectly how I wish my life to be for at least the foreseeable future. In a word (or more accurately two words); easy livin’. The cover art of this 3 song EP gives short insight into what can be expected with this release. Beautiful, pristine, uncomplicated, natural. The lush green forest unencroached by any other colors or forms, wrapped up like a bow with a quick folksy scrawl of the title and artist give indication of the laid back music you are about to hear.
Featuring only lap steel and pedal steel guitars with some creative looping thrown in for good measure, a gorgeous serene atmosphere is created that can explore subtle hints of either sadness or satisfaction or contemplation of both depending on your current mood. The hazy and meandering guitars work to both clear your head while setting your mind adrift and i can think of no better way to simplify your life even if only for a few short minutes than by listening to Millpond Way.
This has been a great discovery of a formidable artist creating lovely music that needs more attention. This short but potent exercise in lite blues and folk, echoes slightly the work of one of my favorite guitarists; Roy Harper. If this is your type of genre, add this to your listening pile. You won’t be disappointed. If it is not your type of genre, add it to your listening pile anyways. You won’t be disappointed.


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